Old People News: Jennifer Lopez Dumps Casper Smart

Here’s a nugget of wisdom for you gentlemen: Women do not like it when their boyfriends cheat on them — especially famous women such as Jennifer Lopez. And especially when their boyfriends cheat on them with men…who look like women.

I know darlings, who knew! Certainly not soon-to-be-irrelevant Casper Smart, who has been caught sexting multiple transsexuals on Instagram and asking them for explicit pictures, and giving some in return….. And before you say “Well perhaps he didn’t know they were transexual…,”– he did. He began talking to one such lady after he liked one of her photos, which was tagged with hashtags such as #shemale and #tranny. Moreover, even if he did think they were natural women, is that any better? No.

Frazer Harrison / Getty

Isn’t it amazing how a woman who can have such great taste in clothes can have such awful taste in lovers? Truly tragic.

Naturally, Jen isn’t admitting that the real reason for the split is her BF’s unsavory behavior. Nor will she blame it on the fact that he’s unemployed, or that he looks like a frog, or that he invented the name Casper when his real name, Beau, was perfectly acceptable.

No no. Instead she’s giving the public the lamest excuse ever. Behold:

“It has actually been an amicable process that started a few months ago,” claims a J.Lo insider who is clearly totally full of it. “It wasn’t an easy decision, but they decided to stay friends. Their relationship couldn’t work with the distance. He started trying to establish his own life and career, and she is so focused on hers, and they just couldn’t be all about each other anymore.”

You know why he’s not all about you Jen? Because he’s too busy trawling the Internet looking for pretty girls with boy parts. So embarrassing.

Anyway, let’s try to decide who Jen should date next. Is there another young stud on the horizon for Jen?


  1. Chris Said:

    This “article” was completely offensive and transphobic. Were this the Gossip Girl it’s based on it would only deliver gossip without insulting transgendered women; and calling them “men who look like women” and then shaming someone for knowingly being attracted to one regardless of transphobic standards again followed by a “natural women” insult towards transgender individuals and then ending calling them “pretty girls with boy parts”.

    Change your alias to Transphobic Cunt instead.

  2. GP21 Said:

    @Chris, ummm it’s not remotely transphobic lol. Trannies AREN’T natural women, and they DO have boy parts–sorry you don’t like the sound of the truth. Stop being hypersensitive and trying to start the next civil rights movement in the comments section of a blog. GG is snarky and why we love her. And she was shaming casper for CHEATING not who she cheated with. Go watch Glee.

  3. Billy Joe Said:

    I think that it’s a crying shame and down-right pathetic that the person who wrote this article would refer to Ms. Lopez’s boyfriends cheating with a transexual as ‘embarrassing’… How sad? Transexuals are people just like everyone else: and if anything, I think that they’re even more evolved! Transexuals are discriminated against from every direction and have developed an extra coating of thick skin… I am not transexual by the way, but did have a best friend when I was 16 who was…

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