Hot Mess: Jessica Lowndes

Spotted: Jessica Lowndes at last night’s Most Stylish New Yorker’s party hosted by Us Weekly and the 90210 star was a hot, horrific mess:

jessica lowndes


?!?!? I cannot understand what is going on with this outfit. Did she not read the title of the event? I happened to be in attendance and trust me minions, this look was even worse IRL. The garbage-bag like skirt (wrinkled, too!) wasn’t as bad as the lumpy, ill-fitting bodice (swimsuit?) and cheap shoes and purse.

The entire look was just awful. I’m not sure what city would qualify her as stylish, but it sure isn’t NYC darlings…XOXO.

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  1. pris Said:

    I actually quite like it, I don’t think it looks that bad ! But tastes and colors..

  2. xoxo Said:

    you need to calm your tits and stop criticizing everyone.

  3. MavixLayne Said:

    It’s not that bad…I mean, it’s better than what Pat Solitano from ”Silver Linings Playbook” wore jogging…

  4. Kristen Said:

    I actually find the outfit cute! I would wear it!

  5. honey Said:

    Jessica Lowndes could wear a garbage bag… get away with it… and make me want to wear one too. She’s gorgeous in anything.

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