Jessica Simpson is now Jessica Johnson

Well this is rare. Jessica Simpson, who has enjoyed celebrity status under her current name since the 90s, is apparently taking new husband Eric Johnson’s last name. She posted a black and white photo of herself looking post-wedding slim with the caption “Jessica Johnson.” While this move is hardly legally official, it’s social media official (and that’s practically more important in Jessica Simpson Johnson land).

Jess is not the first celeb to take her husband’s last name, but most others who do continue to go by their maiden name professionally, or keep their maiden name as part of their whole name, a la Kim Kardashian West. Jessica Biel Timberlake, Jennifer Garner Affleck, Miranda Lambert Shelton all rarely go by their husband’s last name, even though they legally took it. Jessica Simpson Johnson joins the likes of Victoria Beckham, but in fairness, her most well known last name when she married David Beckham was “Spice.”

It’s worth noting that Jessica did not take Nick Lachey’s last name, although that was in the pre-social media days. Perhaps she Live Journaled about it.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The alliterative Jessica Johnson has a nice ring to it, but I wonder if changing her name will have an effect on her career. Just kidding: I think anyone that would buy Jessica Simpson shoes would buy Jessica Johnson shoes, and the rest of us wouldn’t be caught dead in Jessica anything accessories.

What do you think of Mrs. Johnson’s name choice?

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