Caption This: Jessica Simpson’s Three-Way Kiss

Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee appear at  Dillard's in NorthPark Mall


As Golden Boy once reminded Dan Humphrey, “the problem is that during a threesome there’s always a twosome and a onesome going on.” Truer words have never been spoken darlings, but that didn’t stop Jessica Simpson from trying to prove otherwise.

Jess posted a snap of a three-way kiss between her, actress Odette Annable, and singer Stephenie Pearson (it’s okay if you don’t know who these girls are, darlings–their Instagrams combined have less followers than my flight attendant.)

This just goes to show you that Nate Archibald was right: in the pic, it seems as though Jessica is pretty much left out of the action while the other two make contact. That Golden Boy was a wise one….

I thought this pic was a perfect fit for my favorite game on this site: “Caption This.” What’s Jess thinking right now? Leave your one-liners in a comment below! XOXO


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  1. Di Said:

    Ummmmm… Wait! Is this real tuna or chicken?

  2. Glenn Sedgwick Said:

    I hope this isn’t TOO subtle.

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