Hot Mess: Jessica Szohr Goes Braless

Looks like Jessica Szohr was really excited to be at the Discover Many Hopes Gala in New York City this week. I spied the Gossip Girl actress sans bra in a white top on the red carpet, and well, see for yourself:


Ladies, ladies, ladies…. I’ve warned Miley Cyrus about this numerous times. There’s a very fine line between sexy and skanky, and if you go braless in the wrong top, you’re edging towards the latter.

Of course I understand Jess’ difficulty in finding a bra to cover herself when she’s working with a sheer back, but I know for a fact that Victoria has some secrets to dealing with every type of top, including this one.

Discover Many Hopes Charity Event


Darlings, please learn from Jessica’s mistake. Otherwise you’ll wind up in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. XOXO

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  1. nirvana-girl Said:

    oh god. of all the hot messes i’ve seen before, this has got to be the worst. its so bad that i actually pity her!

  2. Anon Said:

    Oh no. Must hide nipples. Because it is a secret, right?
    No one must know about boobs.

  3. lalalovely Said:

    Is that a third nipple?

  4. Ariel Said:

    Is that a nipple ring I spy? Ewwwwwh Vanessa!!!

  5. Alyss Said:

    Oh my word, nipples! A woman with nipples! Run away! What? Is the first rule of ‘Breasts Club’, that we cannot speak of nipples? Are they like some sort of an urban myth? The modern-day unicorn? And really, breasts/nipples aren’t reproductive functions, quit hyper-sexualising them. Quit with the body-shaming, quit with the slut-shaming. If this is a “hot mess” than I am happily joining her.

  6. Claire Said:

    For all those wondering, it’s not a nipple ring or third nipple, clearly just where the dart ends. I feel like that’s what makes the whole thing look so awkward.
    Apart from that its actually quite a nice look I think, very classic but the sheer back makes it sexy.
    No bra really isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

  7. Melissa Said:

    I think its hot!

  8. Melissa Said:

    Can’t be worst than the time she pulled ” a Janet Jackson” at the ball.

  9. TJ Said:

    What have gotten into her to do that. It’s a no-no for me too.

  10. Harold Steffee Said:

    I would much rather see a nipple than one of those bras with rings or points that are not natural. A woman has breasts and should be natural to show them, they are part of all of us, and Men in some circumstances can and do nurse children. All both male and female breasts are there when we are born, so why make such a big deal out of them?

  11. Martine Said:

    Big deal. She looks good. Who writes this awful commentary. You must be such a bitter, awful person. So many lies and exaggerations. I was especially upset with your article accusing Bieber of abandoning a pet, when in truth he did the correct thing. A layperson shouldn’t own a monkey. They are VERY strong, and get angry easily. He did the right thing not risking his own, or other peoples safety. Wild animals are NOT good pets. They are not bred to be domesticated! So irresponsible of you!

  12. Coach Red Said:

    She looks a LOT better than that bag of bones standing next to her. And where can I get that top?! It is SO cute.

  13. Annaliese Said:

    Lol I don’t feel sorry for people who have all the means to come to an event such as this styled absolutely perfect.Someone from high school making this mistake..ok but a celeb who was casted in gossip girl…wtf
    Blake lively hardly ever wore a dress without her entire back out yet her nipples aren’t showing…Jessica maybe you should give her a call! I’m also sick of hearing people justifying beauty for fashion faux paus!Your face can’t make up for your wardrobe!

  14. Ray Said:

    Look at her partners face. To hell with her nipples, where is her hand?

  15. Alex Laverick Said:

    She looks beautiful and has a lovely set of breasts.
    What is wrong with celebrating the beauty of a well proportioned body.
    Perhaps some of the obese excuses for people out there will be inspired to get fit.

  16. Dave Said:

    And now we know why her nickname is ‘Threenipples’

  17. OldMan Said:

    For the love of Pete, am I the only one that lived thru the seventies?
    Braless was (and is still) normal.
    Seeing a boob or a nipple pushing out some cloth is NOT a big deal.
    OMG..Side boobs, top boobs, under boobs, nipple slips, wardrobe malfunctions….what the hell is everyone so excited about??
    Grow up boys, and for the money grubbing photogs..enough is enough,
    give people some peace!!!

  18. zetty Said:

    Erect nipples have nothing to do with being “EXCITED” about 90% of the time. Geez. It drives me crazy that people (mostly men) go on to say such asinine stuff about women’s breasts.

  19. Justin Said:

    WTF are they talking about? This is the perfect shirt to go braless in.

  20. Rabbit Said:

    Is that a third nipple?

  21. anon Said:

    You guys it isn’t a third nipple. Some women have nipples where the areola has spots. These spots can sometimes pop up for whatever reason. Stop saying it is a third nipple. Every star has there bad moments in the light. Nothing to criticize as long as the person in question is of good nature. If she is of good nature then you should probably keep your negativity to yourself.

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