Fashion Face-off: Jessica Szohr vs Cameron Diaz

As I’ve said minions, jumpsuits are tricky business. Unless they’re bespoke specifically for your bod, it’s quite rare for them to be flattering since the waistline doesn’t always fall at your actual waist, and the bodice can be too long/sort, same with the pants. In short, the risk of looking heinous is rather high. If my entire closet wasn’t custom tailored, I’d stay away from them.

But apparently, neither Cameron Diaz and Jessica Szohr heeded my advice. Both stars turned up to their events in jumpsuits, but as we know, only one can triumph in the game of fashion. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Tripp Evandos/Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Jessica donned a silvery grey onesie to the sold-out Justin Timberlake concert at Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC and while I kind of like the menswear-inspired vibe of the top half of her outfit, I don’t enjoy the too-big pants and absolutely hate those shoes as they’re too heavy for a summer ensemble.

Meanwhile across the country in LA , Cam chose a polka dot Stella McCartney number to the premiere of her new (terrible looking) movie, Sex Tape. that she accessorized well with gold studded strappy sandals and a sleek gold cuff. I would’ve preferred if she added a gold belt rather than a sash as it would’ve broken up the pattern and added some shape to her body. But, as annoying and smug and old as I find Cam, I do think her outfit was the most on-trend and flattering.

What’s your take, lambs? Are you jumping for joy over Jess’ look or Cameron’s?


  1. Anastasia Said:

    Jessica is obviously better! :)

  2. Tiana Said:

    I love Cameron Diaz but on this picture I like Jessica Szor’s jumpsuit more :) xoxo

  3. Nancy Said:


  4. wbw Said:


  5. Katy Said:

    Jessica’s jumpsuit is great but her face… Not so much. Bleh

  6. Karla Palacios Said:

    I prefer to Jessica, it’s better and she looks too great ♥

  7. Maria Said:

    Isn’t the top Jessica’s wearing underneath her jumpsuit the same she wears a week later with the matching skirt? The one with the cherries??

  8. lily Said:

    I would have loved Jessica’s if the bottom part was shorts not pants. I almost love Cameron’s but something feels off for LA in summer.

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