LOLz of the Day: Coachella Fans Pretend To Be Music Know-It-Alls

You all know how much I love to make fun of anyone going to Coachella (sorry celebs, you’re not off the hook either….) Well, Jimmy Kimmel is apparently a man after my own heart — he sent a reporter out to the dirty festival to talk music with the flower-donning, belly showing, mom jean shorts-wearing attendees, and what came out of it was pure comical genius.

You know those annoying people (*cough* people from Brooklyn *cough*) who only like bands that are obscure and nobody’s heard of before? What would they do if you presented a band they’ve never heard of? Lie, of course!

In this hilarious clip, the reporter talks about made-up bands and the fans actually go right along with it! Watch it below:

Did you love or loathe this joke? Tell me in a comment below.

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  1. steffiP Said:

    Very trashy.

  2. Ana Said:

    LOLOL this totally made my day!!!

  3. Den Said:

    well, that’s disturbing

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