LOLZ! Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Kendall Jenner’s Billboards Awards Flub

Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time roasting Kendall Jenner’s epic flub at the Billboard Music Awards, in which she failed to successfully introduce 5 Seconds of Summer and blurbled, “guys, I’m the worst reader!”

Not true, says Jimmy. Quipping that KJ’s gaffe was “the second most embarrassing thing a Kardashian has done on camera,” he treated us to a faux-Amazon commercial featuring The Kendall, a new e-reader. Watch and LOLZ, darlings…

Did you catch that KJ and Kylie are writing a book? Oh yes my loves, that is chillingly true. They’ve supposedly co-penned a YA novel full of too many colons called Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia. I was just invited to their book signing next week and QUEL DOMMAGE I’m busy that night doing literally anything else.

Do you think that KJ’s on-stage mistake was totes excusable and she’ll make a great author, or will her new tome be one step above a coloring book?

Kendall Jenner 2014 Billboard Awards Red Carpet





  1. Tired Said:

    Hhahahahahhahahahahahaha, sorry but the Kardashian’s aren’t the brightest people… more so noticed for their awful looks and terrible choices

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