Did John Mayer Actually Do Something Nice?

Wait a second… did Katy Perry actually change John Mayer from a selfish narcissist to a selfish narcissist who does nice things every once in a while? Perhaps!

I hear that John and Katy walked into Rudy’s Music Shop in New York City last week and met super-fans Julie Fermin and her two friends as they were browsing the store. They posed for a pic with the girls and John asked if any of them played guitar. Julie said she did and showed him the guitar she wanted, but said she had to wait to get it because it was too pricey.

As John was walking out, he quietly bought the guitar for her and asked the shop’s manager not to say anything until after he and Katy had left. Needless to say, the girls let out the biggest squeal and John came away looking like the hero.

I love this story so much, but I’m still not convinced JM is a good guy (or good enough for Katy.) Do you think he’s on his way to becoming a changed man or was this selfless act just a stunt to throw people off from his true ways? Let’s discuss!

john mayer and katy perry with fans


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