Josh Hutcherson Tells Seventeen He’s Funnier Than Jennifer Lawrence

If Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence were to compete in a battle of humor and wit in the arena, J.Hutch swears he would win. The Hunger Games star is the cover boy for Seventeen magazine’s November issue, and in the interview, he reveals that, well, he’s funnier than his Oscar winning co-star.

“We have this debate all the time — I think it’s me!” he said. “This sounds mean, but its true, and Jennifer would agree. Her thing is being shocking, goofy, and silly — which is amazing, and it takes a talented person to do that. I like to be more clever and witty. But if you had to go on who gets more laughs, I’d say she’d be the winner.”

What do you think, dolls? Who is the real winner here? Tell me in a comment below!

Cliff Watts for Seventeen

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  1. Lena Said:

    Except for his height, seems to me that he has all perfections 8D

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