Justin Bieber Abandons Pet Monkey

Chapter 1,087 in Justin Bieber’s endless douchebaggery? I hear that he has officially abandoned his poor pet monkey, Mally, at a German vet rather than claim him and bring him home. Evidently Justin — who really should be kinder to his pets considering he’s roughly their same size — instead wants to give the primate to a zoo or animal care center.

justin bieber monkey


Or at least, his management team does.

Justin himself hasn’t said anything about Mally since he was confiscated by customs as JB tried to enter Germany aboard a private jet. This was mere weeks after he shoved his pitiful hamster Pac through a fence to a hysterical fan.

Does JB need to stop acquiring things he can’t appreciate or take care of? And yes, that includes Selena Gomez…XOXO.

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  1. anonomous Said:

    Why the hell would he do that. He’s so nice but he can be a bit of a pain sometimes

  2. Gabriela Ayala Said:

    The animal care center in Germany was urging him to NOT take the monkey back because it was too young and needed to be cared for by professionals. He was being called an asshole if he didn’t leave it in Germany, and now you are calling him a douchebag if he DOES leave it. It’s what’s best for Mally. You are obviously biased, by the looks of your article. You dislike him, so you find faults in any way possible. I am not biased when I defend him, since I’m not even a fan. I am throwing down facts.

  3. Uh..what? Said:

    What an irresponsible brat.

  4. Uh..what? Said:

    Gabriela, he shouldn’t have adopted a monkey as a pet in the first place if he hadn’t researched the care it needs. Just goes to show he doesn’t think at all or has no interest in being responsible for his actions. People that adopt an animal without knowing the care it needs, are simply idiotic. This goes for any human being, not just a celeb.

  5. Pretty Said:

    Oh ma gosh bieber wats wron’ witcha man!

  6. Dayne Said:

    Why did he buy it if he won’t take care of it?

  7. Someone Said:

    Ohhhh justin , why did he buy it if he can’t take care of her ,if he really loved Mally then he should’ve tried and take her back instead he abandons her. Not cool man :(

  8. Martine Said:

    Monkeys are far too dangerous to have as pets. if he is smart he will certainly abandon the animal. Simians are very strong, and wild animals are never really safe. But he is not alone. A lot of people learn the hard way that certain animals are cute, but NOT cuddly.

  9. Susie Said:

    Justin is a shit head, nobody cares, and he looks like he has herpes in his ugly picture.

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