Feud Alert: Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Fight in Ibiza

One minute Justin Bieber is picking up a charity award, and the next minute he’s coming to blows with Orlando Bloom. Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom legitimately got in a fist fight in the early hours on Wednesday morning in Ibiza, and it’s just as scandalous as it sounds.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Video has surfaced of Orlando Bloom throwing a punch at the Bieber, and although one barely needs an excuse to do that lately, my spies in Spain tell me it has something to do with Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Indeed, hours after the altercation, Justin posted a photo of the model on his Instagram account, only to delete it later.

What he didn’t delete, though, is a photo of Orlando seemingly wiping tears and looking wholly crushed. This seems to be an invitation for round two with Orlando.

Justin and Orlando weren’t exactly the best of friends before this altercation. Justin was spotted being flirty with Miranda at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2012, and Orlando was tied to Justin’s ex Selena Gomez earlier this year. Apparently, mingling with one another’s exes doesn’t cancel each other out. It usually takes more than bad blood to get a fist fight started, though, and the two exchanged quick words before the violence escalated.

Instagram/Justin Bieber

Is this just the beginning of a Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom feud, minions? I know I’ll be looking for more scandalous excitement between the two. Tell me, dolls, what do you think caused the celebrity fight?


  1. Nathalia Said:

    I wonder what the hell is wrong with Miranda? How can a grown up, gorgeous woman hook up with Justin Bieber? Specially after being married to Orlando Bloom… I thought only 16 year olds liked Bieber..

  2. joanna Said:

    I agree with Nathalia! What is wrong with Miranda? I don’t know, but i saw her once at Ellen and she was not looking very smart… Bieber is just a kid that needs to grow up and learn wtf is respect.

  3. Jeylo Said:

    For the looks of everything Miranda end ups looking like a stupid old whore who trade he’s husband for an 18 year old piece of shit. And justin bieber deserve worse

  4. justthetrick Said:

    What a load of crap. Justin yelled ‘hey bitch’to Orlando and it went from there. That second Pic of Orlando is him whipping his eye for goodness sake that Justin posted to be the little joke he is. The video barely shows a swing so this article is pure CRAP! Worst sensationalist excuse for and article ever.

  5. Kay Said:

    Actually, justthetrick, Orlando DID attempt to punch Bieber, he just didn’t succeed. Which we all hoped he would, for humanity’s sake.

  6. Jailee Said:

    As lovely as Orlando is, he tried to punch JB and failed. I think JB was just joking by putting the picture. Lighten up people. Everyone likes to take all this crap out on JB and yes he has done some bad things but he also does good things no one talks about. All this lets just say “older” people just need to shut up like come on. He is like 20 years old. When he does anything you freak out blowing it way out of proportion. Like I know many 20 year olds that have gotten arrested lol. Come on now

  7. Sara Said:

    I think Miranda caused the fight. Jb sucks. He flirts with like every girl… it makes me sick that he’s from Canada -,- Orlando is amazing guys! Dont blame him (:

  8. Anna Said:

    And like always, you have to blame Justin. Just think,was you wild when you was 20? And I think that this all is bout Miranda, she maybe likes Justin and Orlando is just jealous, I mean ofc he’s jealous!! And I know Justin is doing bad thing but he’s young and free, and btw he’s doing many good things – but NOBODY talks about that!!

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