Did Justin Bieber Break Up Ariana Grande’s Relationship?

Justin Bieber is causing more trouble these days, but this time, he’s making sure it affects someone else. The single “Boyfriend” singer encouraged Ariana Grande to post a selfie the two took together at a meet and greet in which he’s kissing her on the cheek. And what happened next? Well, all hell broke loose, obvs!

Fans RTed it like crazy and Beliebers were writing negative comments to Ariana, so she deleted it quickly. But the damage had already been done.

Rumor has it that Ariana and her beau Jai Brooks broke up as a result of this picture. She’s denying it, but after the picture was released, he began tweeting depressing messages, and her mom has been posting some cryptic ones as well:

— Jai Brooks (@JaiBrooks1) August 16, 2013


What do you think? Was the Biebs responsible for all of this drama or do you think AG should take some of the blame too?


  1. nuala Said:

    HIS FAULT!!!

  2. Sofia Said:

    I love them both so I really can’t pick a side but what I can pick is #jelena or #jariana

  3. Lundyn Said:

    I absolutely hate the new Justin Bieber. He’s a punk that thinks he can do what he wants because of his fame and name. He has broken up one of my favorite celebrity couples and I hate him for that.

  4. David Said:

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  5. jenn Said:

    justin did NOT break up jariana. you’re fucking stupid for thinking he did. none of you knew if jai and ariana were doing okay or if they were fighting or not. you guys won’t admit that there may have been other factors in their breakup, you so blame the whole thing on justin. unless you have valid proof that jariana broke up because of justin, shut the fuck up

  6. FuckYouTMZ Said:

    TMZ are just a bunch of people who have no fucking lifes

  7. JDLW Said:

    If they would break up after something as stupid as a picture like this, then they were never meant to be together. That’s seriously one of the dumbest things I’ve heard. What are they 10 years old? I highly doubt this picture had anything to do with it…and real Beliebers would not send Ariana hate for such an adorable picture tbfh.

  8. bigdickmitch Said:

    this article along with Justin bieber are faggot as fuck

  9. allie Said:

    i think Justin made a bi mistake

  10. daylee Said:

    I think Justin made a big mistake

  11. 모니파 Said:

    It Takes 2. Their both to blame.

  12. Alan Scher Said:

    Ahh, the trials and tribulations of the over privileged.

  13. kate Said:

    i think we should be there for love and support them its just he hops from one girl to another its weird like hes trying to make selena jealous i mean i thought they were good together

  14. kenyatta Said:

    Was he just with selna gomez? Ariana granda mad a mastak .Justin is stupid

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