WTF Alert: Justin Bieber Attacks a Child!

Need another reason to loathe Justin Bieber? No? Well I have one for you anyway, darlings.

One of my friends over at Star magazine had a run-in with Jussy himself a few weeks ago at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, where he was staying with his 7-year-old son. And the encounter was even more ghastly than you may imagine…

Justin Bieber At LAX


“As I was walking through the gym, Justin’s bodyguard steps in front of me and says, ‘You can’t come through here,’ and tries to block me, and I saw Justin behind him doing push-ups,” said my source. “But I told him he’s not going to tell me where I can and cannot go.”

This is where things got ugly. Literally.
“Your son is UGLY!” screeched Justin from behind his bodyguard, obviously. God forbid he goes head to head with a grown man without his thuggish entourage. Then Justin’s idiot friend Lil Za jumped into the fray.
“What n*gger what! Come on!” hollered Lil Za, and my pal says his tiny son was absolutely terrified, although I suspect he was more frightened of catching JB’s douchiness than a beatdown.
Justin Biebers Believe World Premiere


And just in case you’re wondering if Justin’s little outburst was retaliation for Star‘s not-so-flattering coverage over the years, my friend never identified himself as a tabloid editor. To Justin, he was just a dad out with his son. Tres despicable, darlings.
What do you think about this kerfuffle, kittens?


  1. DJ Said:

    what a crock of bovine excrement!

  2. wtf is wrong with you Said:

    that is complete and total bullshit. why do you feel the need to spread lies and rumors about celebrities… especially hurtful ones? it just makes you look ignorant and close minded. try getting some real news for a change. you’re a discrace to gossip girl.

  3. thebutlerdidit Said:

    Let’s see…I’ve managed to live almost 5 decades on this planet, and I must say, “Riiiiight. The “Justin Bieber is a punk jerkwad, let’s blow this interaction out to the nth degree, and sell copies!” Really is disgusting at this point. Too bad no one had one of those portable electronic devices to capture this drama!

  4. Lol Said:


  5. smh Said:

    If this came from a person that works for Stars magazine, then this is bull. If you’re smart, you can tell this article is complete fabrication. Sigh.

  6. Sarah Said:

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. I can´t even say how much I´m laughing at this, if anyone believes this then there´s no hope left for humanity, It¨s so fake that It´s funny. LOL, try to get some real news for once and stop bullying Justin.

  7. R Said:

    Fake or not, I still hate beiber

  8. Catalina Said:

    Why would Justin say this when he have his little brother and sister? He knows how to deal with little kids and he knows that that’s not the way. God,I hate when the media pays people to spread lies about celebrities? Doing this kind of stuff won’t make you a better person.

  9. anastasia Said:

    bull fucking shit…shut this site down

  10. NKD Said:

    fake or true he is still a twat.

  11. ANON Said:

    whats the fucking point of spreading rumors? this is complete bullshit and if you believe this your fucking god damn dumb! dont you have anything other else than spreading rumors about celebrities that never done anything bad to you. fuck off.

  12. JustGonnaSay Said:

    He should know how to deal with children because he is an older brother? He should also know how to deal with historical landmarks, other nations, and people in general. You don’t neeed education in those matters to know not to write “Anne would be a belieber” or whatever, graffitti other nations/kick their flag off stage, and egg neighbors. Obviously he’s shown he can’t do that. Even if this is a fake, (which at this point, who knows/cares), the dude is a total disgrace to celebrity life.

  13. Mhmm Said:

    Lol at all the stupid Justin Bieber fans trolling this post. Get a liiiiife.

  14. B Said:

    So, the Justin fans need to wise up and chill out. This is a gossip site, and thus, she is going to post things that may or may not be true. Welcome to the internet.

  15. Jasmine Said:

    well i think he has no room to call any child ugly because seriously i’ve seen things with rabies that look better than him

  16. Sara Said:

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  17. Chase Said:

    Most likely fake. A 7 year old son? JB would have been 11 or 12. Probably hadn’t gone through puberty yet.

  18. jimmy Said:

    Lmao at chase. Funny how someone can read the same article as everyone else and get it so wrong. No one saying Justin had a 7y.o. son. And fake or not is still a giant tool and needs to piss off back to canada

  19. Jasmine Said:

    Are you actually kidding? It’s insane what kind of lies people will make up just so that the public will read their site/newspapers. And it actually appals me what people will say about people for attention. Don’t you see that this is complete bullsh*t? .. He is a 20 year old boy living his life, why don’t these pathetic bullshitters get one of their own?!

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