Justin Bieber Gets Banned From a Nightclub. Again.

Spotted: Justin Bieber’s security team smashing the cameras and cell phones of fans during JB’s late night outing to Passage nightclub in Vienna, Austria. The incident was such a fiasco that Bieber and his buddies were tossed out of the hotspot and told never to return–ever–thanks to their uber-bad behavior.

Of course, JB should be used to being booted from places by now. He was shown the door at Cirque du Soir in London on his birthday and also turned away from a club in Manchester called Sankey’s, who didn’t want The Biebs to tarnish their edgy reputation.

Do you think he’ll still have a career by the time he’s old enough to buy a beer in the US? or do all of his antics only make you love him more?

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  1. Yasmina Said:

    He walked away from a small club in Amsterdam because they didn’t have VIP tables. It’s a club where indie bands perform, what do you expect. He went to a coffee shop instead. Biebs on weeds

  2. Regina Said:

    JB is such a big dull.

  3. Aeriexo Said:

    He got too full of himself thanks to fans making him super over rated. He needs to sit his ass down.

  4. Aisha Said:

    That dwarf thinks he owns the world.
    I used to hate him for no but now,he’s made me not guilty in the courts.
    What a nusty role model to the kids.

  5. psycho killer Said:

    The next Lindsay Lohan

  6. ana Said:

    thanks Justin for making trouble in Vienna,it was so hilarious. I was at the concert the next day – you were awesome!

  7. brooke Said:

    really jb?

  8. kelli Said:

    jb needs to PIPE THE FUCK DOWN

  9. acne treatment Said:

    Im no expert, but I think you simply made a very great stage stage. You undoubtedly totally understand what youre speaking about, and I can certainly get behind that. Thanks for staying so upfront and so genuine.

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