Justin Bieber Banned from Indoor Skydiving Facility in Vegas

It seems as though Justin Bieber likes to raise havoc wherever he goes, even if it is a low-budget tourist trap like the Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving facility.



I hear that Justin and his crew of tiny terrors strolled into the facility right before closing, reportedly trashing the bathroom and acting “disrespectful” to the employees. And here’s the worst part: The facility gave Justin and his team the option of paying $1,500 for his session or posting a picture of himself at the venue with a positive comment. Obviously the latter would be an easy option for anyone with an ego and the amount of followers JB has, so he agreed.

But according to an insider, Justin “actually faked like he was posting something, per the agreement, but never did.” Classy, JB…. Because of this stunt, the Biebs is now permanently banned from the facility. (Ugh… knowing him, he’ll probably just build one like it in his Calabasas mansion.)

Is it that hard for the prince of pop to dish out that much cash or upload a photo? How do you feel about Justin’s latest move? Tell me in a comment. XOXO

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  1. The Game Said:

    He’s a piece of crap anyway. People would probably stay away if he endorsed it, so this place should have just billed him and considered themselves lucky.

  2. georgie Said:

    this kid needs his a== put in a sling and then some. he has no respect for anyone or anything. he is so rich that he does not care if he ever does another concert or sells another cd. someone better step in and get him the help he really needs and the sooner the better. he is young, but that is no excuse for what he has been doing. where the he– is his useless mother? if she does not want to see her son in jail for a very long time or dead then she better step in and do something and now.

  3. Mel Said:

    He’s a douchebag.

  4. Cara D. Said:

    agreed @georgie

  5. Blair Said:

    JB’s an ass me and my friends go there all the time we would stop going if he endorsed it they should just bill him or take it to court

  6. KATE Said:

    He needs to stop being some punk ass kid, grow up, do something good for the world he lives in with all the money he makes. He needs to become a man and someone people want to be around.

  7. Auggie Said:

    This kid needs to get beaten until there’s dust on a rainy day, and then some. Fucking child grow the fuck up.

  8. Cat Said:

    He’s an ass… Really the King of Douchebag’s needs to grow up!!

  9. Sarah Said:

    He seriously needs a wake up call. He’s not as big a deal as was 2 years ago..

  10. mrs bieber Said:

    You guys should all go cut yourselves. Justin is perfect! Just lost, so shut up. @JustinBieber #Belieberforever

  11. Manuela Said:

    To mrs bieber,
    It’s not the first time hes done something like this.. he does it a lot!! and this time it was even something that wasn’t so bad and like I don’t hate him but he needs to know where his place is, and just cause he’s justin bieber doesn’t mean he can say and do whatever he wants. He still has to respect people

  12. erin Said:

    hes making canadians look bad

  13. Max Said:

    I look at this kid in the picture and I see a tragic end down the line, like a Michael Jackson thing or something. His psychotic driving, his bloated ego, etc. I don’t see longevity in his future.

  14. Shutyourface Said:

    This is what happens when crack babies become famous. The world will burn because morons thought he needed a damn record deal. A$$tards. Honestly, someone shoot his brains out, the world doesn’t need a Zombie apocolypse and all this “Beiber fever” Bullsh!+ is exactly that. Beiber, i hope you OD soon. You’re a waste of space.

  15. Z7 Said:

    LOL Justin and his crew AHAHA what a joke this kid is and whats with that pic is he an OG? just so hard makes me just so vary fearful what he needs to do is go and slap his mom for having him in the first place

  16. JustinBEATERHAHA Said:

    isn’t he banned from the Philippines,an airline,and Vienna night club in Europe for dumb shit that he pulled? He even was cursing on a plane so much to where he was escorted off? I think gossipgirl or TMZ should find where he is banned from and what for that would be my list of places to go to shake the owners hand and say THANK YOU!

  17. Jerry Said:

    I HAVE NEVER seen a white punk kid who wants to be black as much as him !

  18. fu justin Said:

    I would love to beat the shit out of that little bitch

  19. Rhonda Said:

    This little ass wipe is nothing The Boys In Hallandale can’t handle!

  20. Jeff Said:

    God forgive me for bringing this up, BUT – this little damaged POS will probably decide (soon) it would be a GREAT idea to reproduce!! A boy with no country, Canada doesn’t want him back, and we don’t want him period!! Yea, make some little DA Bieber’s and we can put you all on a raft and see if we can push you to Europe. Oh wait, they don’t want you either!! Just go away.

  21. Maggie Said:

    Please send his sarcastic butt back to Canada and don’t let him back to the USA.

  22. Kimmy Said:

    You know what this like really all of you haters its called being a human being everyone here is going or already has been to that age and you want to be a rebel you learn from your mistakes when you look back so back off and really you all have mistakes in your life and your judging justin come on really it’s time for you to get facts and really learn to be. A human because all of you are just aliens with hard feelings

  23. SteverB Said:

    The Bieber Backlash is delicious!

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