WTF Alert: Justin Bieber Baptized in a Bathtub

Say that headline five times fast. And while you’re at it, mutter a prayer for the human race because Justin Bieber seems to have officially begun his “Sorry For Being A Relentless Douche” campaign. Cliche step number one: find God.

Between jetting to Cannes and grooming his incredibly masculine mustache (ha...), Justin has apparently been doing intensive bible study with pastor Carl Lentz in NYC and has focused on “studying Bible passages and attending services” according to TMZ.

justin beiber

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Funny, I don’t remember any of my pious minions reporting that Justin was in the pew behind them at church in the last few weeks. And I imagine that a 110-pound weasel clad in sunglasses and red leather would stick out amongst the Sunday best, don’t you think?

But still, insiders are insisting that Jussy’s religious re-awakening is legit, so much so that he was baptized—but not in a church, where the paparazzi may catch him (even though he’s allegedly been going to church services and has yet to be spotted, right?). No, this holy rite took place…in a bathtub. Yes my angels, a bathtub.

You mean he took a shower? One, it’s about time and two, that doesn’t absolve your sins against humanity and fashion and grammar, Justin.

Do you believe that Justin is indeed re-finding the lord? Or is this just one of many stunts he’s going to pull to try to make us forget his devilish behavior?

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  1. amanda Said:

    He grew up in a christian home and has always said hes dedicated to christ. I think he honestly got baptised for the right reasons and even though hes fucked up alot recently he knows that and is trying to move past that…but thats just my opinion

  2. Anthony Said:

    Did he also go to communion after and drink all the wine? If he thinks getting baptized is going erase his past in the eyes of anyone but the Church he is nuts. He doesn’t think he is a bad person, this is just a way to pardon his behavior until tomorrow when he does something else…

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