Justin Bieber & Barbara Plavin’s Miami Hangout

Spotted: Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin jetting to Miami to hang out with Justin Bieber–who she once insisted is nothing more than just a pal.

B tweeted incessantly about stopping by the Jingle Ball earlier this month, which JB was hosting, (even posting a pic of herself in front of Justin’s tour bus) and I hear that his on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez is beyond furious.

“Selena hates this girl,” sniped a source. “She hates how braggy Barbara is about it all, wearing his shirts, tweeting from his locations and following him all around.”

IMHO, I don’t think Justin should be tied down to one girl, even if it is the annoyingly adorable Selena. But if you were making JB choose, which girl suits him best: sexy, saucy Babs? Or sweet innocent Sel?





  1. ggada Said:

    ♥ Selena is 2 good 4 him,so he can take the ho or thats what i think

  2. kathielee Said:

    I think JB and S are perfect together , even thoe J is still my boyfriend in my eyes <3

  3. teresakur101 Said:

    Selena, all the way. Even if she is way good, maybe too good for home, but a VS model, really worth the trust? I mean… They wear Bras on pictures in the widows of stores… Trustworthy?? I don’t think so. Maybe go for the someone with qualities of both.. Not bad, not good. Just my opinion.

    -xoxo Teresakur101

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