First Look: Justin Bieber’s New Movie, Believe

Justin Bieber hasn’t been having the best month. Not only did he get caught at a brothel in Brazil (ew), bail on his concert and get booed by fans, but his last five singles haven’t made so much as a dent on the charts. But things may be looking up for JB, who just released the trailer for his new movie, Believe, out Christmas Day. Gee what a marvelous way to torture your family! And if you think that JB has gotten too big for his sagging britches, well, I’m afraid this movie won’t do much to make you think otherwise…take a look:

Ugh Jussy, why did you have to lead off with that lame voiceover about learning to fly or whatever? Tres cheesy, as are the cliche lines he spouts such as “everything is going to be okay” and “believe in yourself.” UGH JUSSY. And I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove with that icky mustache–and I use that term loosely–but it just gives me the creeps.

justin bieber


But then again, the movie does appear to have some good points. For one, it doesn’t seem to be a glossy version of his life with nothing but a positive spin. Instead, he admits to his douchey behavior, or at least some of it–owning up to every single little jerk move would take hours, now wouldn’t it?

Overall, as much as I try to hate him, I have a soft spot for Justin. His songs are undeniably catchy, and I think once he manages to weigh more than 130 pounds, I may be tempted to find him attractive.

But better stay on my good side, Bieber–once you’re on my bad list, you’ll never get off…XOXO.


  1. Gigi Said:

    I love Justin and I wish people would stop giving him a hard time.

  2. ✔ THE LADY ✔ Said:

    Justin, every movie you’ve ever been in is the same. “Believe, everyone! That’s my new song but it’s also a verb so do it!” Shut. Up. No one cares and anyone who’s ever went to any of your concerts or watched any of your movies (not your movies…) already knows “everything’s all right” (which is not). You just think everyone can be okay in life because you’re famous so you’re ‘royal.’ Whatever you get when some of us are wearing your pants except not leather. Those people luckily don’t know you

  3. Ali Said:

    I hope someday everyone will give Justin a break. He deserves some privacy, even though I am aware it “comes with being a celebrity”. Everyone is always gossiping (no pun intended gossip girl) about the bad things he does and none of the good/amazing things. As for him weighing over 130 pounds, I have a feeling he is getting more and more muscular by the minute. ;)

  4. Renata Said:

    whatever all of you say the truth will stay: HIS FACE IS ADORABLE

  5. Justin's a homo Said:

    He’s a homo cunt

  6. XOXO GG FAN Said:

    He has the most adorable eyes ever. He is hot. He is a great person. I just wish the media would publish stories about the good things he does instead of all the bad things. Seriously hoping he pulls himself together sooner or later, because at this rate, everyone will end up hating him, if not already. I love him though ;) XOXO Gossip Girl Fan

  7. brigitte fan Said:

    justin is not a homo hes a nice and kind :)

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