Justin Bieber Booed Off Stage in Argentina!

How do you say “We hate you, you loser” in Spanish? Because that was the overall feeling at Justin Bieber’s latest concert in Buenos Aries, Argentina after the pop star cut his show short complaining that he was still wiped out from food poisoning.

Justin Bieber In Concert


After taking the stage 90 minutes late, fans were outraged that Biebs only performed for an hour before saying “I’m not feeling too good, I think I’m out of energy,” and trotting off stage. And fans were not happy, booing him loudly and demanding refunds for tickets that sold upwards of $320.

JB later posted a pic of himself receiving an IV of fluids and his lapdog manager Scooter Braun came to his defense tweeting, “had a rough night but handled it like a man who cares and put his beliebers before himself. very proud. he will be back!”

justin bieber


I’m sorry minions but I just can’t respect anyone who uses “beliebers” in a sentence with a straight face. Nor can I feel very much pity for Justin, who’s been partying his way through South America and clearly not putting his duties to his fans ahead of his desire to see the inside of every brothel he comes across.

What’s your take on Bieber’s latest stunt? Should he have sucked it up and let the show go on? Or is everyone entitled to a sick day now and then?


  1. Brittany Said:

    he is a spoiled little teenager who is just acting out now that he feels like he is a “man”. he’s also on a Kanye West like power trip where he thinks he can do ANYTHING just because he’s Justin Bieber. At least Kanye produces quality stuff…

  2. Javier Matusevich Said:

    We say “Te odiamos, perdedor!”

  3. Malin Said:

    Everyone gets sick. I would´t even get on a stage a day after food poisoning.

  4. Bri Said:

    Preach, Brittany!

  5. Sofía Said:

    We say “te odiamos, perdedor” but “perdedor” isn’t a common word for us… we say imbecil/idiota or just loser

  6. Sofía Said:

    We say “te odiamos, perdedor” but “perdedor” isn’t a common word here in Argentina. We say imbecil/idiota or just loser

  7. RiRi Said:

    Can all of you haters (including you GG) Just SHUT THE MOTHERFUCKING FUCK UP!!! look, Justin works HARD, and just beacause he decides to go out doesn’t make him careless og spioled, you jealouse SOBs. and I recall it saying that he got FOOD POISONING not party sick. and then there is the whole brothel thing…He explained that, so don’t fuckin judge if you don’t fuckin know the whole story! All of you haters and sick people have been wondering what’s been gettin him down? well, It’s YOU!…

  8. RiRi Said:

    You’ve been on his back ever since his tour started, just trying to gain money of of lies that you create, and all the haters believed it coz they hate him. Can’t you people just give him a break? leave alone! he’s been going through a hard time and trying to get pver it, but you heartless, sick, lyinge monstrouse SOBs wont even give him the privacy for that…

  9. RiRi Said:

    I’m pretty fuckin sure if you had food poisoning and felt really bad you wouldn’t dance around and sing and all that. I mean it’s better that he went and got better that put on a bad show and past out onstage, but than again you would love that, wouldn’t you? keep out of his life a leave him alone for god’s sakes, coz all you do is lie. He deserve a break from all of you. so just go fuck youselves and mind you own motherfuckin businesses. even you GG, coz you can’t even tell the truth!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Olivia Said:

    I think people need to give him a break. He is clearly sick enough to need and IV and STILL went out on stage and performed for 90 minutes (an hour and a half for those who can’t figure that out) which is longer then most main acts. so leave him the hell alone okay? he’s doing his best. and you’re stupidity and anger won’t cure him any faster.

  11. LILY Said:

    Please im from argentina and it is not food poisoning!! Even if you eat a thousand of what he said that were “empanadas” you can not get sick! I went to his first show in buenos aires and he started an hour late! It was frustrating for all of us. I know he may need a break but there were girls that travel 1000 km just to the concert and he cancelled just saying “i love you” and now seeling his music by twitter like nothing happened.please give me a break!

  12. Haha Said:

    I’ve had a food poisoning last year and believe me, i was just able to run to the toilets and stay there a loonnng time, not sure his fans would seen that, i can understand he prefered stop the concert, i’m not a Belieber, i’m not a fan of his music but when you’re sick, then you’re, no matter if you’re Bieber or somebody else ;)

  13. Regina Said:

    It is: Te odiamos, perdedor

  14. argentinian Said:

    In Argentina we love Justin but we’re dissapointed because he went off the stage BECAUSE HE WAS PARTYING ALL NIGHT LONG THE TWO DAYS BEFORE.

    The Argentinian people want the money back.. we paid 2000 dollars for one meet and greet.. and nobody is taking the responsability to bring our money back..


  15. Ana Clara Said:

    He didn’t had food poisoning, he came back to the hotel totally wasted and stoned at 10am when he had a show a few hours later, His bodyguards beat up brutally a photographer for taking a picture of him in the state he was when he left the hotel,
    in the hotel dining room where he was staying all guests was forced to give their cell phones to not take pictures of him, i mean, who the hell this guy thinks he is!? AAAAND THE PRICE OF THE MEET AND GREET WAS US$3.000 youre welcome from Argentina:)

  16. Jrock Said:

    Bet the stupid turd was just hung over. If he really put his fans before himself, he would have fucking showed up on time and did a full show. That boy needs a swift kick in the ass for all the bullshit he’s been pulling!

  17. julieta Said:

    fue un desastre en Argentina no dio un concierto porque estaba re drogado y alcoholizado. limpio el piso con la bandera de nuestro país. le robo dinero a cientos de niñas ilusionadas, se acostó con prostitutas y salio arrastrado por sus patovas que golpearon a un fotografo

  18. Ruby Said:

    That’s not putting “Beliebers first”, if he put them first he would show up on time and do the whole performance. Frank Iero, he played an entire gig hooked up an oxygen mask. That’s putting fans first!

    Maybe we should all start ignoring Justin in hope that he goes away. Take note GG.

  19. xanthe Said:

    He cancelled the show due to food poisoning have you ever tried to perform a concert while needing to throw up?? probably not so don’t even think you have a say on this. he did give it his all and he felt like shit for letting his fans down, this stupid gossip site is just trying to bring Justin down, get a life.

  20. toles Said:

    Sorry beliebers but he went partying on thursday and saturday(friends of mine saw him). He was also kicked out from the hotel he was staying in because he destroyed the room. So come on! Food poisoning????

  21. S Said:

    I’m from Buenos Aires… we all know he went partying since he arrived. He also tried to take a girs to the hotel to continue the party there… he’s a mess, it was not food poisoning

  22. Kati Farkas Said:

    Regardless of the fact of whether or not he had food poisoning or whatever was bothering him, Justin Bieber has been rapidly becoming more of a hot mess now more than ever. Either he is going through a celebrity teen version of a “mid-life crisis” or he needs to get his act together. I used to like him, but now I just respect him. So let’s not lose that too…

  23. Eliana Said:

    We say fuck you Justin bieber! You re not welcome in argentina.. Piece of shit!!

  24. Eliana Said:

    Poison food? Or drugs?..

  25. Zoey Said:

    he should have went on with the show. any sick star or supermodel keeps on going so why wouldn’t he do it too. he’s pulling an amy whine house and getting off the stage after his fan paid 100’s of dollars to go see his show. he should have taken responsibility

  26. anonymous Said:

    Well some people think he’s a star but others think he’s a fool trying to look Cool, i think he’s a hot mess just like Lindsey lohan and Britney Spears started up and he is pretty egoistic. he thinks he is on top of the world cause he made a couple good songs, Well JB Guess what A Retarded neighbor of mine made two hit songs and he’s still retarded. you need to get your act straight and start acting your age, for sooner or later your gonna end up as single and alone as any douche bag around town

  27. macho Said:

    stupid kid…

  28. Queen L Said:

    So, i’m from Buenos Aires, and i run into Justin twice this week in two of the hottest and most exclusive dance clubs there are here. He was totally wasted, buying drinks for the entire VIP section (Myself included, of course) and shortly before being escorted by his bodyguards outside, he started screaming how much he would pay to sleep with an Argentinian beauty.
    Not only his behavior in both clubs was childish and pathetic, but his behavior in the concert is totally disrespectful. Too bad, J.

  29. Gustav Said:

    I’ve never seen Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, or any of the really great rockers walk off and disappoint their fans without some compensation.

  30. Pepis Said:

    Too young, and fame too fast. Poor boy needs a ‘rock star’ education. First, you need to know what the flag of the country you are performing in looks like and how to be respectful of it; 2nd, you need to give everything to your fans first before yourself; 3rd, you need to not buy the holly-hype and what other people tell you; and 4th, you need to know who you are and what message you are giving to the world with your behaviours.

  31. Helena Høst Said:

    Jeg ved slet ikke, vad jeg skal sige til det. man kan skuda ikke bare stoppe en koncert, fordi man har det lidt skidt, ej det kan jeg slet ikke tag…!

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