Caption This: Justin Bieber’s Fans Have Grown Up… and Now Wear Bras

Justin BieberĀ realized something the other night… his fans aren’t the tween girls they used to be. The popstar posted a picture of a lone beige padded bra that landed on his stage during a stop on the Believe tour. He captioned it, “I guess everyone grows up.”


So long, days of braces and bedazzled shirts. Buh bye, training bras and (fake) tattoos. Justin’s fans are wearing real bras now, and therefore are totes mature.

Even though JB already captioned this pic, let’s play my favorite game of “Caption This.” What was Justin really thinking when he saw this bra on stage? Leave your ideas in a comment below. XOXO



  1. Carol Said:

    Hmmmmm, wonder if this is big enough to hide my car? No, well then I guess it beats a gas mask.

  2. Carol Said:

    Damn, I’m only 19 and already the granny panties and bras are flying. I need another craft:(

  3. Valentina Said:

    I’m 18 and I love Justin, I think I’m immature then haha

  4. Allie Said:

    What’s that?

  5. The Game Said:

    Now (s)he’s thinking “How long until I get to wear one of these?”

  6. Sarah Said:

    Oooohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.

  7. Katrina Said:

    “Girl, please! You know I only buy my bras from Victoria’s Secret!”

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