WTF Alert: Justin Bieber Calls Fan “A Beached Whale”

I know my ire may seem arbitrary at times, minions, but I don’t just go around calling perfectly innocent people nasty names. Anyone who receives my wrath has earned it, but apparently that’s not a trait Justin Bieber and I share. I hear that JB had a tres vicious encounter with a fan who did nothing at all to him aside from offend his idea of beauty.

During his visit to Perth, Australia, JB was strutting around the Hyatt Regency Hotel’s pool when he spied a less-than-svelte teenager sunning herself by the water.

“What are you, Hawaiian or something? You look like a beached whale!” Justin said to the girl, who my spy says was about a size 14 and “not gorgeous.” But he wasn’t finished, adding: “You should go on The Biggest Loser!”

The poor little Aussie lass was reduced to tears and Justin merely continued his prowl around the pool, laughing with his friends over the cruel jibe.

You know Jussy, I was starting to warm to you thanks to that sizzling little video for “All That Matters” but harassing bikini-clad girls solely because you don’t want to get into their plus-sized pants is tacky, tasteless move.

What’s your response to his asinine antics?

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  1. J Said:

    I’m sure the spotlights have blinded Jussy’s eyes. Who thought this 8th grader would turn out to be so unrespectful ? Well… never say never.

  2. Nora Said:

    Why would he say that?

  3. blablablanda Said:

    Says who? Who saw this? This means nothing to me until I have proof he did this. He kisses makes feel beautiful and helps girls with cancer. Im not his number one fan, but the way people make stuff and assume stuff is outrageous! This “news” are just an assumption of a woman that overheard Justin’s conversation close to the pool in Australia. Not a FACT.

  4. Hannah Said:

    He is being a bully! Just cause he is famous does not give him the right to do that. He seriously needs to apologize to that poor girl! This is one reason why I don’t like him.

  5. Anonymous Said:

    I wish it were me, i would’ve slapped the shit out of that little “rich boy”.
    Someone needs to beat the crap out of him!

  6. jack Said:

    This sad little cunt, do worst things in Brazil, he even spits in a fan…how stupid this asshole can be?

  7. A Said:

    That was seriously very rude! I know how it feels to be called names like that, sure I’m not the thinnest of them all but I sure as hell don’t see why people have a problem with it. they should look in the mirror and explain to us what’s so perfect about their skinny asses!!! F*ck them.

  8. MelissaM Said:

    Sometimes when you see people with personality and actitude, you judge them for the things they do and you don’t. Dear JB, who you think you are for telling people what should they do or who they are? Have you seen yourself? That little girl had personality, you just repeat those little things others have made. Respect them and respect you!

  9. amaya Said:

    Wow that’s all i can say right now. I guess everyone knows hoe fame and furtune can really damage the person examples: Miley Cyrus Linsley lohan And Of course Justin Bieber. They Get everything then they go out and give all the world a big middle finger! Its just sad how the people that make them famous can be so rudely treated by the famous person themself it’s sad that they dont have that much respect for everyone
    Shame on JB

  10. shelby Said:

    justin bieber is coward and i never want to meet him his music is to sooky lala

  11. rly? Said:

    Wow! Fuck Justin bieber. I feel so sad for the little girl. Im sure this girl will get bad thoughts about herself, and maybe kill her self!

    She didnt even speak to him, did she?
    Thats why i hate justin, like wow, what did she do.
    Pooor you justin

    Go fuck a cactus, Justin ‘rude’ Bieber

  12. Katie Said:

    If this happened to me I would have said his body looks like a whale next to his small d!c*.

  13. Amanda Said:

    As a person in the spotlight, whose fans are younger teen-aged girls, this is ridiculous!! He has no right to judge anyone. Girls at that age are already worrying way too much about what boys think, so having Justin Bieber tell her she needs Biggest Loser will scar her for the rest of her life!!! What if now she become anorexic or balemic. He needs to think more about how his nasty comments hurt others!

  14. Bryce Said:

    Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of Justin Bieber and I’m not the judging type. But in this case I’ll voice something. I understand guys have an ideal girl, (weight included in the equation), but that’s no excuse for calling names the way he did. If I witnessed that, he’d be in teh papers headlined “Bieber Punched Out By Hotel Guest”.

  15. S Said:

    OMG! Is he idiot or what? That is just so awful. I liked JB first and tought that he was cute, but now all that fame and money are wayyy up in his head. Someone has to wake him back to real life..

  16. Angelique Said:

    That was seriuosly rude, bullying is not cool!

  17. nina Said:

    What a load of bullshit how about post true stories which have happened instead of paying people to say dumb shit. If anyone believes this then idk what stop making him out to be the bad guy when he’s one of the nicest guys in the spotlight, leave him alone damn

  18. anonynous Said:

    Silly beiber. Dont you know that karmas a bitch and comes back to bite you in the ass? Guess you’ll be gaining 50lbs very soon. ;)

  19. Marie Said:

    Well I think it’s great, he’s done more harm to his image than anything else. She can lose weight but he’ll always be a dick and will one day be a washed up sad little ex-teen star… I for one can’t wait.

  20. ohlala Said:

    Justin,you might are a good singer now,and you might gained tons of dollars,but that doesn’t you’re eternal or you’re the best.Out there,there are other singes that write better songs than you,as well as there are other people who has more money than you(and in my opinion,gained more respectfully:after years of hard work and study).You should have a little bit of respect to your fans because there are tons of proofs:spittle,sweeping with a flag…YOU’RE NOT PERFECT AND YOU WILL NEVER THE BEST!

  21. Silje Said:

    Seriously if he did anything like that to me I would’ve punched him right in the face, because saying something like that to someone can really ruin them especially when it comes from a famous person you look up to. Overweight people feel bad about themself already, nobody needs to remind them that they weigh to much!

  22. Chloe Said:

    I agree with Nina, all these allegations have been coming up from nowhere over the past how long, who knows what’s true and what isn’t? Especially from a ‘naming and shaming’ site such as Gossip Girl. He gets so much bad publicity, half of which probably isn’t true, and I find it awful how little, if not any of his charity work has been featured on this site. Pathetic in my opinion

  23. Tiffany Said:

    What a jackass! And a size 14? That’s not even that big!
    I wish she would have slapped him and pushed him in the pool.

  24. Em Said:

    OMG when will the “beliebers” realise that the Bieber they believe in is a complete asshole. Nobody’s trying to make him look bad- he does it well enough by himself.

  25. Lily Said:

    You can’t believe every word the media says. They twist words and make things up all the time. A spy? You have those all the way in Australia? Haaaaaha okay yeah that makes perfect sense. Report PROVEN facts please

  26. reana Said:

    If I ever see this guy I will kick him in his nuts…so hard that he won’t be able to have sex again

  27. Blair Said:

    Looks like we all knew he was heading for trouble, didn’t expect anything else… he isn’t going to stop while he still has the fame.

  28. Hellen Said:

    Don’t believe everything you hear… Rumor has it

  29. Elli Said:

    This is honestly the final straw. Definitely no longer a fan.

  30. greek girl Said:

    that was way outta line…if its real…JUSTIN PLEASE PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER….you ve been acting awfully lately..the shame s on u…

  31. El Said:

    This is real there are quite a few other articles on it & its been all over the news in Australia. The girls parents made a formal complaint to the hotel & frontier touring is refusing to comment on the situation. Don’t get me wrong I use to love JB a couple years back, but honestly he’s turned into such a douche & a major fame whore. So much for his ‘humble’ beginnings. He’s been losing a lot of his fans, but for the ones who still ‘love’ him – open your eyes girls he’s not the same guy anymore

  32. Kem Said:

    You people will believe anything as long as it has the name “Justin Bieber” in it. All you all ever do is assume everything that the media says is true and all the comments saying he is bullying 1.You don’t even know if this is true or not and your already swearing that it is and that he is a douche and a a**hole 2. If he is bullying what do you haters think you have been doing since he was found. You all say fame went to his head but none of you know him. You people need real help.Stop judging.

  33. A Said:

    ^yet you are judging

  34. Sophie Said:

    I can’t believe that he would do something like this. Who does he think he is to call someone names. What is wrong with the world that someone can go up to a person and be the biggest jerk ever. why doesn’t he just go back to being a nobody???!!?!?

  35. Laura Said:

    ugh size 14 is not fat. i’m a freakin size 14 and get compliments on my body all the time. MARILYN MONROE WAS A SIZE 14 and she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in history.

  36. Emily Said:

    Y’all are stupid as shit!! Okay, so media actually paid the girl to make a fake story of the Biebs. In reality, Justin said ”Hi girls” and when she walked about with her friends, the media asked what did he said. However, the media offered her to make a fake story of her ”pretending” to be a Bieber Fan and to make Justin look bad by saying shit about her, when really he isn’t. Honestly, what media is doing is soooo ignorant and selfish….What proof?! Go to twitter and search TropicalFlower

  37. perth Said:

    this is fucking ridiculous who gives a crap about the little asshole, if you really think he cares about his fans think again. He and others should have some respect, you little tweens have no respect for anyone, just wait till use our out in the real world. Doesnt matter what size someone is or what they look like, bottom line Justin fucking Bieber has no right to treat anyone that way. your all idiots if you think it was fake cause there was witnesses

  38. Lauren Said:

    GG DOESN’T post unless there’s credibility to it… Seriously, is it hard to believe he’d do something like this after he spit on a fan AND walked off during a concert? Sure, that time was some else’s fault but don’t be a princess, be a professional about stuff. And if parents are filing complaints then you can bet it really happened.

  39. gloria Said:

    wtf he is an f-ing jerk he should def back off

  40. Jacqueline Said:

    After all the shit he’s been reported and CAUGHT on camera and in pictures doing…. I’m surprised his fans are still that, his fans. I used to love justin bieber but now, in disgusted with all the shit I’m hearing he’s done and stuff in videos. I wasn’t impressed with his new music video either. I know music artists lipsync in the videos but did he have to make it so obvious?! It was like he wasn’t even trying?! The little shithead needs to get his shit together… Not impressed jb.

  41. karlie Said:

    how stupid you have to be to believe such a story? i mean, c’mon he’s a superstar, lots of people make up stories about him. there’s no real proof he did this

  42. P Said:

    May I peronally kick his ass?

  43. Indiya Said:

    i think justin bieber needs to check him self because you know what he may think hes hot but hes not. I feel bad for scooter for having to put up with his foolishnes. And i espically feel bad for his mom.

  44. Jasmine Said:

    I’m not saying that it’s impossible but nobody have proves of this. It’s his words against hers. So don’t jump at conclusion right away.

  45. C Said:

    As if we weren’t all expecting that. When will he stop being such a dick? He’s rude to the people who work for him, he walks out of concerts ( after making people wait AND pay expensive tickets ), he spits on fans ( and don’t you dare say that’s not true: there’s a video around somewhere – true they were asking for his saliva, BUT STILL WHO THINKS OF SPITTING ON THEM AND THEN LAUGHS??? ) and the list is really, really long. I’m so happy Selena broke up with him. He deserves to be alone.

  46. Katherine Said:

    I love seeing beliebers they are so protective of an awful man.

  47. Desiree Said:

    I can’t believe you guys would say things like this about him. Nobody has proof about this. Just a video if him talking to her. Even if he did something like this you guys would be just as bad saying these nasty things about him GOD!! Just calm down and just think he’s a person too!!! He’s not just someone who is there to start gossip. I’m pretty sure you’re not in 4th grade any more! GROW UP

  48. anonymous Said:

    ACTUALY shes one of my friends and shes BEAUTIFUL. Shes a flight attendant and she was staying at the hotel aswell. Shes not an AUSSIE LASS, shes from NZ and was there for work. AND shes not even fat . Shes got MEAT and curves in the right places! Bieber needs to pop his fat head and stop letting his fame think hes better than every other human being in the world. He can suck a fat one!

  49. LuigiAngelo Said:

    Ugh, he really is a jerk. Here in my country, we have a name for guys like him: “GAGO”. . . And I for one, think it fits him right. Very very sad to see such a handsome boy turn ugly because of his personality. He should be sent to the witch in Disney who turns bad princes into toads or beasts. blech.

  50. Jaguar Said:

    Doesn’t surprise me, I have friends that work for the hotel, some of his demands, including finding him his own private beach were all accompanied by the “do this or I’ll get you fired” threat. He’s such a douche

  51. Jessy Said:

    That girl killed herself. Justin Bieber’s comment led to many other people to make even more rude comments to her. It’s been reported that the girl began to drink excessively and she overdosed. Justin Bieber is a terrible person and I hope he feels guilt for this for the rest of his life.

  52. Sally Said:

    Wow it really says a lot about a person who is a huge celebrity, when they say something that hurtful to a normal person. And the dumbass wonders why he gets booed at music awards. I bet if the girl slapped him which would have been well deserved his bouncers would have jumped in to finish the poor girl off.

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