Is Justin Bieber the Next Calvin Klein Underwear Model?

Could Justin Bieber be working on his next career move? The tiny terror posted a tweet today asking his fans what they thought of him doing a Calvin Klein campaign as he showed off his best underwear model poses in these Instagram shots:

While there’s no official word on if Justin really has an endorsement deal or if he’s just trying to get one (perhaps he needs the money?), one thing’s for sure: his army of Beliebers are totally for it.

Tell me, minions: do you agree with his fans that he’d make a great model (after all, he does have a great body and is perfectly lovely when he’s not doing stupid things… or talking in general), or would he be the only thing to come between you and your Calvins? Vote in the poll below!

Do you think Justin Bieber should be a underwear model?

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  1. Sasha Said:

    It’d be the perfect profession for him because the general public wouldn’t have to deal with him and hear him speak. I’m actually a fan of the shots though.

  2. Gossip Girls minion Said:

    I don’t think he should do it. It’s not him… Well actually i don’t really like him… But that is only one girls opinion.
    Xoxo G.G minion <3

  3. skyler Said:

    I love him so much… he has a really nice body so why shouldn’t he should it off, as long as he still sings though he’d be the perf model.

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