Spotted: Justin Bieber Being Carried Over the Great Wall of China

It’s one of the new 7 Wonders of the World, but I’m wondering why the Great Wall of China was just too difficult for little ole Justin Bieber… The “Baby” singer chose to be carried by his bodyguards on the impressive landmark instead of using his own two feet. And the most hilarious part? He posed with his crew in a ceremonious “We made it!” pose after they put him down:



Dear Justin… if you’re going to go around posing shirtless showing off those adorable muscles of yours, perhaps this would have been a great opportunity to use them. Besides, no girl ever dreamed of her knight in shining armor showing up being carried by big burly men. That’s a different kind of fairytale… XOXO

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  1. Axel Said:

    WTF?? Justin… duh ! whatever !

  2. charlotte vreys Said:


  3. Jenni Said:


  4. Paula Said:

    Worthless piece of trash. Maybe he thought his pants would fall down. WHAA, WHAAAA.

  5. Elle Said:

    this makes me lose all respect for him. wait, I had none in the first place. oh well.

  6. Connie Said:

    OMG Justin, you are such a poser, throw in the towel and give it up already.

  7. From Me Said:

    You guys are fucking ridiculous. You don’t know what’s going on in those pictures, you don’t know if it’s someone type of joke or bet. There is no reason to call the boy a piece of trash when he has helped more people than you probably could in your whole pathetic lives.

  8. Josipa Said:

    like his life is so hard that he needs to be carried around… your mum should have beat the crap out of you when you were a kid , ohh wait you still are !

  9. veroniky Said:

    no it’s was a joke only for taking picture gosh u are real gossip -.-

  10. richard Said:

    well justin between what i had justin you’re a fucking freak yeah!!..

  11. richard Said:

    forget about justin…..hey jenni!!

  12. olivia Said:

    wooooooow so spoiled

  13. Kelly Said:

    His being quiet all these day, time for he show up in screen again? I guess ?

  14. Maj Said:


  15. Laila Said:

    really what a DUSH

  16. Rachel Said:

    If it was for like a minute and just for a laugh, then yeah ok whatever. But the picture just makes him look like an ass who thinks he is above everyone else. Gahhh he just pisses me off in general so I’m more inclined to believe the latter. He’s just a dick

  17. Diamond Said:

    Still adorable, I wasn’t even surprised. But it´s so funny!

  18. Jasmine Said:

    If i had bodyguards, i’d probably do the same.. but probably because i decided to go to the Great Wall in heels! ahh well, let the diva do as he pleases!

  19. Lily Said:

    WOW such an asshole not even a real man….

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