Cute or Ew: Justin Bieber Gets a “Champ for Charity” Award

This latest Justin Bieber news is really throwing me off. Jussy might be getting a “Menace of the Block” award from his neighbors, but heĀ also just scored a more positive title at the Variety Young Hollywood Awards this week. J was awarded the “Champ of Charity” award…and he didn’t even keep the trophy. Instead, he gave it to a 10 year-old Make-a-Wish recipient!

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

At first I was inclined to believe that the award was one of those “just show up” sort of honors they give at things like the MTV Movie Awards, but even I’m willing to stand corrected. The child who joined him on stage to receive the trophy, Grace Kesablak, is just one of over 200 children Justin has granted wishes to through the Make-A-Wish foundation.

“It’s so much better than receiving,” Justin said in his acceptance speech of giving to charity, before giving Grace a hug and a kiss, and carrying her offstage. Wait…did I just shed an emotional tear?

Riddle me this, minions: which Justin Bieber is the real deal? Is it this charity-driven young man who brings sick children to Hollywood award shows, or is it the punk who drag races, eggs houses and works his way through models? XOXO


  1. Ingrid Said:

    C’mon, obviously option 2, I mean he enjoys helping nd everything but dont make wrong ideas [No offense]

  2. Natalie Said:

    Jbeiber seems like the type of guy who evey1 hates at the mo….
    But listen up does evey1 desrves a chance for a change ?
    He might go with Models ok. But who wouldn’t ?

    U doing a great thing Beibes, with the Charities don’t stop doing wat u do…. GO BEIBER ! ! ! ! ! xx :)

  3. Sarah Said:

    This Justin is definitely the real deal and this is the type of person he is. I don’t know why everybody chooses to look at only the mistakes he makes rather that the million good things he does such as this good deed.

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