Justin Bieber and Chris Brown Back in the Studio Together

These two jailbirds are back to being songbirds! That’s right Upper East Siders, two of the most notorious bad boys in pop music, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, are collaborating again (anyone else remember the 2011 song “Next to You?” The days when Biebs rocked the bowl cut…)

JB recently posted a picture on Instagram of him and Breezy with the caption “Studio, me and CB did 1 for the fans.”

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown


But, I have to wonder, with all the legal troubles those two have been running into, how many of their fans have gone running and screaming? Biebs’ recent woes include an ongoing DUI case in Miami for driving under the influence, criminal vandalism, and a racist video scandal. Has this boy ever heard of public relations or “maintaining your image?”

His reunited studio buddy is no better though. Breezy was just released from jail two weeks ago after serving 108 days for violating probation. That meant his album, X, has been pushed back not once, not twice, but six times. Talk about major setbacks.

So dolls, what do you think? Is this a stab at getting (much needed) positive publicity or are these two making magic in the studio together once again?

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