WTF Alert: Justin Bieber Gives His Dad An Allowance?

If you’re holding on to the vain belief that Justin BIeber‘s parents have his best interest at heart, allow this to be the end of that nonsense. Rather than giving his son sage financial advice, I hear that Jussy’s dad Jeremy Bieber is actually getting a monthly allowance from his son! And no small sum, either: $50,000, says Jeremy’s former best bro.

“Justin basically funds his entire existence. He bought [a] house for $850,000,” Cory Bernier, Jeremy’s ex-BFF, told MailOnline. “I know Justin also pays his dad a huge monthly allowance. It used to be $10,000, but more recently Jeremy was boasting that it was $50,000. I’m not sure whether it really is that much, but that’s what he told me.

Justin Bieber and his dad Jeremy Bieber are seen


“I really care about Justin, I’ve known him his entire life and I am very worried that Jeremy is using him. He is an incredibly manipulative and persuasive guy, he is very good at getting people to do what he wants,” he reveals.
Justin Biebers Believe World Premiere


He added that Jeremy cut off their friendship when Cory was no longer useful. “He used me throughout our entire friendship. If I wasn’t doing something for him, then I didn’t matter to him. He would start putting me down and criticizing me. He would make he feel like a piece of dirt on the bottom of his shoe.”

Charming! Do you think Jussy is being conned by his daddy or is he just being a good son?

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  1. R Said:

    I think this ‘Cory’ dude is desperately seeking media attention and possible ‘revenge’ for whatever happen between him and Jeremy’s friendship. Even though Ikinda sorta dislike Justin at the moment, I believe he is being a good son :)

  2. Nicole Said:

    If ever this is true, then this is actually the first time I’ve ever felt bad for Justin.

  3. jona Said:

    justin you big dumbass…..stop giving that no good father of yours money! Justin father should be giving HIS son a loving caring relationship, NOT take from his son, or take advantage of him…what a waste…I wipe my ass with people like justins father…

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