Justin Bieber Resolves Egg-Gate in Court

Obvious statement of the decade, but Justin Bieber is such a little punk! (And not even the Chanel kind that Kendall Jenner modeled at Paris Fashion Week). His share of almost-naked selfies, womanizing and hateful speech in the past couple of weeks had almost made me forgot about that time he actually egged his neighbor’s house in January of this year. With 20 eggs. As an adult. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: so juvenile.

Mike Marsland/WireImage

The justice system finally caught up with Biebs, who did not exactly get off lightly on the felony vandalism charge. Jussy was fined over $80,000 and put on a two-year probation after pleading no contest to the charges. He’s also required to attend an anger management class – which is so beyond necessary – and to partake in a few days of community service (How will he find the time to fit in community service amongst his schedule of being a total d-bag?).

Justin wasn’t required to be present for the sentencing, so he stayed away and let his lawyers do their jobs. Good thing, too: we all know what happens when Biebs talks to opposing counsel.

Luckily for Bieber he stays out of jail. Orange is not his color.

Miami-Dade Police Department via Getty Images

I will say, though, the $80,000 in restitution to his neighbors does seem a bit steep. Sure, it’s barely pocket change for the young millionaire, but how much damage can eggs really do? No, seriously, I’m curious: I haven’t had anything but prepared egg whites since I was 10.

What do you think, minions? Does the punishment fit the crime?


  1. Blair Said:

    I am a very big fan of Justin but what he did was immature, considering he’s an adult…It was a good decision for him to be punished for his action but 80,000 is very high of a price.


  2. Jewels Said:

    Egg can strip paint off a car and house siding when it dries. It can also stain decks and wood furniture

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