Hot Mess: Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo

At the rate 19-year-old Justin Bieber is going in terms of tattoos, he won’t have any skin left by the time he reaches the legal drinking age. At just 19, he’s already amassed 16 tattoos, all of them awful. And the most recent one is no exception, I’m afraid:

justin bieber tattoo


“Mom’s always watching :)” he quipped when posting the new ink, which looks right at home amongst the equally appalling ink on his arm. Did he get that knight done at a Medieval Times?? Dreadful!

While I like that he wants to pay tribute to his mother, putting a body part on another body part┬áis just tacky. You wouldn’t get a nose on your hip, or a kneecap on your shoulder, now would you?

As we shake our heads and mutter “douchebag” under our breath, tell me if you’ve seen any parental tribute tattoos that are in fact cute and classy. And I’ll just pass them along to Justin…XOXO



  1. Nikki Said:

    Bummer, I was excited to read this since he has turned into such a little douche…but I think that purely from his actions, not because he’s tattooed. I am also heavily tattooed (way more than this little man) and am actually a good person.

  2. Uh..what? Said:

    They are all tacky. But this is probably the most well done one that he has. The others have terrible technique. Regardless, they’re all terrible tattoos. Half of which have no meaning to him at all!

    It’s a shame when game and fortune comes so quickly to someone so young. They usually lose it and it all goes to their head. Too bad.

  3. Alyssa Said:

    Why would you guys right these things its his body he is freely capable of doing what ever he wants so Stfu and grow some nuts because clearly if the biebs got this tattoo he clearly didn’t give 2 shits for you’re opinion

  4. Amanda Said:

    I have a tattoo on my back of my mom and stepdad’s handwriting saying ‘I love you, baby girl’ in Greek… That’s not tacky, now.. Is it?

  5. Rochelle Said:

    I have a tattoo to honor my mother and I love it!! I had my mom write my nickname (Boogsy) on paper. The artist then blew it up to the size I wanted and added a Lilly in front of it. When coloring the Lilly I used my moms and mine favorite colors, pink and purple. Everytime I look down at it I smile and think of how much I love her =)

  6. tasha Said:

    i get getting a tattoo to honor your parents and shit but now whenever he has sex his mom will be watching that’s a bit of a mood killer

  7. A sad Belieber Said:

    I like the little crown on his body and the word believe at his arm <3 Bit he should stop, cause the inca are too many, yet! How will he look in 20 years? I can tell you: old(but gold) and full of inca which are without a strong color and stretched!

    From a sad Belieber

  8. Alice Said:

    Harry Styles has his mother’s initial on his shoulder, and is quite sweet.

  9. Is Said:

    “Mom’s always watching”? How 1984 of him…

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