Justin Bieber Faces Jail Time

Sorry Beliebers (hooray for everyone else!)… It’s looking more and more like Justin Bieber is facing jail time for that DUI case in Miami. I hear that he’s not planning to accept the plea deal prosecutors offered him. Could it be because if he did, he would be agreeing to random drug testing for six to nine months? If the two sides can’t reach a deal, Jussy is set to go to trial. And if he does, he’ll be tried for 3 offenses: DUI, resisting arrest, and driving on an expired license. My sources over at TMZ reveal that could equal up to two and a half years in jail.

Now, my only knowledge of what it’s like in prison comes from Orange Is The New Black, but judging purely on that, I’d say TAKE THE DEAL. Otherwise, I think the chance of JB being someone’s prison wife is highly likely.

What do you think is going to happen? Will Justin’s expensive lawyer be able to save his butt, or will he be writing new songs from the slammer?

Justin Bieber's arrest sheet from Miami-Dade Police Department

via WENN


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  1. Justin Northeast Said:

    He has a Good Case. Do You gossip site can’t see Estimating the Speed is the same as Guessing the speed it Just another word for it. With out any rader to help back that officer story up. It going to be hard to Agrue over a Computer device which is Justin GPS. That officer has been know to lied before go check out tmz. My dad was a Formmer Prosecutor for a Different state. He would even take this to trial their to many holes in the report. Why didn’t he get Charge with the reason for the stop.

  2. Amanda Martin Said:

    Seriously? When does a super celebrity these days ever actually go to jail for longer than 3 days? With his current star status, he will for sure get off.. and he will do it again, and get off again, etc. I wish they would stop allowing money and popularity determine how they are punished!!!

  3. RiRi Said:

    I’m not suprised that they ignored the fact that the policeofficer lied about him speeding and drinking, and he got away with it. I feel sorry for my idol. people like u, GG, look at him like he is a target, and not like he is human. I think he should just move away somewhere where they will not find him( even though that is almost impossible) and take a break for atleast 1 year. He should get away from devils and bullies like you and Perez hilton. no one likes you and the world is better off.

  4. Hershey99 Said:

    He will get a slap on the hand and walk away just like any other celebritys but we will see what happends.

  5. Jazzy Said:

    I hope he goes to jail. He broke the law and anyone else would face jail time. Sadly though, he’s a celebrity with lots of money so he will probably get off with a slap on the wrist. He’s setting such bad examples for kids. It’s no wonder so many of them are disrespectful jerks. They’re trying to be like him.

  6. Lilianna Said:

    He should.

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