Justin Bieber Is Attempting to Grow Facial Hair

Ladies, we knew this day would come. Granted, it’s taken far longer than we had previously assumed, but that doesn’t make it any more special… Justin Bieber is finally becoming a man. Well, kind of. He’s attempting to grow facial hair so that he can be perceived as a man. How adorable! He’s tried in the past with facial hair, but this time, it appears as though he’s really giving it his all.

The Biebs has been posting pics on his Instagram account lately that show some longer-than-usual peach fuzz on his face:

justin bieber mustache


justin bieber beard


Nothing like a patchy flesh-colored beard to turn a lady on. Shudder

What do you think the reasoning behind this new look is? Could Justin be trying to man up for his ex Selena Gomez in hopes she’ll take him back? After all, a goatee just screams mature, right? Or could he be trying to look tougher now that he’s in this new bad boy stage of life? Tell me what you think of all of it, dolls. XOXO


  1. Fashion Spot Said:

    My god! FINALLY :3

  2. RALPH Said:

    Maybe he should start with pubic hair and work his way up.

  3. Leilla Said:

    Yayyyy he’s becoming a MaN-BoY!!lol;p

  4. Leilla Said:

    @RALPH-thanks for making my morning right w that comment LOL;)))

  5. Lexie Said:

    Y can’t people leave him alone and let him do what he wants to do its his life not yours

  6. Voodah Said:

    i agree with the above commenter. But good thing he is growing that facial hair. I’ll need something to be able to tell him and Miley Cyrus apart.

  7. Tanya Said:

    Or maybe he’s just trying another look? Like is there always a need for conclusions to be drawn like that? He’s over selena but you guys seem to be still stuck at Jelena. Grow up and move on and he’s a man and surely better and more successful than you asshole. Get a life

  8. Joann Said:

    The guy in the background looks like he’s laughing at him.

  9. Roxxy Said:

    He’s kind of cute like that. :)

  10. krissty Said:

    he is a asshole i hate him and with facial hair he is even more ugly than before

  11. 钰晨 张 Said:

    Justin is very funny

  12. Me Said:

    Don’t be a hater :(

  13. Kyle Said:

    I don’t know what his fans see in him anymore, he had to grow up and spend time with people support, love and don’t use him

  14. Rider Said:

    I have more hair on my @55.

  15. youknowit Said:

    why can’t he grow facial hair? leave him alone and let him live life.

  16. JJ Said:


  17. werkbitch Said:

    what did this lesbian use to grow all that facial hair ?

  18. O'clock Said:

    He’s not worthy of that . Y o u c a n e x p e c t n o t h I n g f r o m t h a t g a y p u s s y ( p r o u d ly s a I d t h a t s h I t)

  19. Alicia Flores Said:

    omfg i love you so much my birthday past and i wished that you were there to kiss me good night i love you baby i have a boob boner when i see you baby

  20. ALLIE B Said:

    he’s so STUPID. doesn’t he realize that mayweather is carrying him around like a little pet dog ? having money doesn’t mean you’re not a schmuck. and beiber is a schmuck!!!!!!!!! arrogant little asshole too

  21. awasis Said:

    That’s not a stash, that’s dirt.

  22. Whoa Said:

    Hey I got more hair on my ass

  23. Apollo Said:

    people who say let him live his life were not doing anything to his life people so let people say what they have to say about him obviously he did something for them not to like them.

  24. Bob March Said:

    That isn’t a moustache.. that is a “Dirty Sanchez” from Tyler the Creator.

  25. Sean Torres Said:

    “he’s so STUPID. doesn’t he realize that mayweather is carrying him around like a little pet dog ? having money doesn’t mean you’re not a schmuck. and beiber is a schmuck!!!!!!!!! arrogant little asshole too” like a toy dog xactly like a toy or pet dog like paris hilton or something hilarious hilarious!!

  26. tom holleman Said:


  27. Katie O Said:

    Justin will forever and always be cute… leave him alone and get a life:(

  28. Jeff Said:

    Looks like someone gave the kid a Dirty Sanchez!

  29. heather Said:

    Justin who by the time he’s done trying to be a man child know one will know who he is. Next album will be a rap album an him trying to be tupac. That or you will hear about him doing drugs or smacking chicks like Chris Brown. Money is tearing that kid apart for the worst.

  30. gregg Said:

    His “muscles” came from steroids- maybe he can take
    hormone shots for the stache!

  31. bret Said:

    COME ON MAN,,, what do you mean “trying to grow hair”,, you can’t grow hair like a plant,,,come on man,, A STUPID ARTICLE,,btw,, he is cute!

  32. Cheddar Said:

    This kis is a YO dawg, someone slap some sense into him. The influences around him are rubbing off and trust when I say this its going to work against this lil kid.

  33. tiff Said:

    I’m sorry, but this kid is a cross between vanilla ice and miley cirus. Infact. Its like him and miley are the same person. Its like back in the day… Michael Jackson and Latoya… Shame on the people who actually buy their music, along with chris brown. Seriously, lets support all domestic violence while were at it.

  34. Dan Said:

    I’d tap that little ass!

  35. Jojo Said:

    I’m a grandmother but seriously, I would love to kick his skinny butt.

  36. Jojo Said:

    Justin is NOT cute, hes a scrawny little white boy.

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