Justin Bieber Falls Asleep During Bible Study With Selena Gomez

It seems that Justin Bieber wasn’t content to simply offend you, me and good taste in general. He needed to offend Jesus, too. Star magazine reports that Justin, in an attempt to prove to Selena Gomez that he can be a good boyfriend/person, went with her to Bible study. And promptly fell asleep.

“He definitely showed no interest in the sermon,” reports the mag’s witness. “The little bit of time he was actually awake, he was texting and on social media. He looked like he hadn’t gotten any sleep after a night of partying.”

Justin Bieber

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

I’m sorry darlings… can we pause for a moment and consider his ridiculous stance in the photo? I nearly wet my La Perla’s picturing him standing in front of the mirror practicing that pose, sneering “Yeeeeeeh, yeeeeeeh boy!” at himself. Shudder.

Anyway. I really detest that JB is trying to use religion to rehab his image. Clearly he doesn’t care and clearly he thinks that his sudden renewed interest in all things holy will make the public absolve his past sins. Well sorry J but I’m not in the business of forgiveness–quite the opposite, actually.

Do you think that snoozing during a sermon is perhaps the most disrespectful thing JB has ever done? Or do you Beliebers still have faith that everyone is simply out to get your poor pious Jussy?


  1. Petit Said:

    I sometimes fall asleep when I go church so…

  2. Fay Said:

    I fell asleep in church already what she big deal he need a little rest I get it was disrespectful but probably 75% of people done it bye now give him a break at least he made an attempt to do the right thing

  3. Kalyn Said:

    Read the article, he fell asleep but when he was awake he wasn’t paying any attention, he was on his phone and on social media the rest of the time.

  4. Nicole Said:

    I’ve been to a church and I did fell asleep/feel sleepy if the sermons are too deep for my understanding. From what I’m seeing, he’s not using religion to “make the public absolve his past sins”. How’d ever know that Jesus felt offended by JB’s attitude? I guess it’s not for anyone to judge anyways? #justsaying

  5. Amari Said:

    I thin people are forgetting that when he wasn’t sleep he was on his phone if the reports are true. I’ve fallen asleep before, but when your awake your should be paying attention.

  6. Haylee Said:

    Ok, the fact that he was on his phone during the time that he want asleep was super disrespectful. Don’t go to a bible study if you don’t care about anything they have to say. I have never fallen asleep during church, but others have. I personally think it’s just another one of JB’s attempts to make himself look good to the media. If was being sincere about going to the bible study, he wouldn’t have been on his phone. That’s just my view on it.

  7. Eliana Said:

    I mean you never know what someone’s situation is before they fall asleep, I’m a DEEP christian and one time I fell asleep in church because I simply could not keep my eye’s open- I wasn’t bored- just exhausted! But, the fact that they were saying that he was on social media when he was awake- even as a sinner- even I never do that one..Absolute disrespect to go on your phone during a sermon…Love the guy, I just hope he shapes himself up again! :/

  8. no Said:

    everyone falls asleep sometimes in church, it just happens.

  9. alexis aguilar Said:

    you honestly act like no one else has ever fallen asleep in a sermon & yeah its rude but its not his fault hes tired cause he actually works unlike you that just sits in front of a computer & talks shit about celebrities -.-
    & you act like hes a bad guy he’s not you just like to believe the media & you don’t listen to his story
    idc what you think i love justin & I’m a proud belieber , so back off & go talk shit about someone else

  10. What Said:

    What’s the point coming to bible study and not listen to any of it. He wasn’t even trying. If he did attempt to try, he would at least get something from it, or try not to check his phone while he’s awake. Well good luck trying to prove you’re a good man by not being one!

  11. Rach Said:

    GG, have you ever even met Justin? I’m certainly no fan of his, but I know the pastors he’s hanging out with would be more of a benefit to him, than something just for show. Pastors like Judah Smith and Carl Lentz often share how he’s just a normal guy who makes mistakes, and the judgement of him for those mistakes isn’t cool. You don’t need to be a JB fan, you just need to get over yourself and perhaps acknowledge that he is actually trying, unlike you.

  12. Em Said:

    i swear justin could kill a person in front of the camera and y’all would still defend him

  13. Elle Said:

    Justin bieber is a total drop kick, I mean the only person he cares about Is HIM, and his drugs. Why do all you prissy girls still like him, he ain’t no role model .. GROW UP 12ies

  14. YourLivingFantasy Said:

    Well just like he fell asleep I’m pretty sure God does whenever he “prays” I dont hate him neither I’m judging it’s just that he is SO lame at certain moments that it’s hard to feel any sort of… mercy maybe, but as we know success isn’t forever neither the money in his bank account so just wait until nobody cares anymore…

  15. Ana thereza Said:

    you people believe evrything srsly hes always been to church and there are pictures of him im sure he doesnt sleep in the middle of it. Thats why everybody hates him, you believe anything that makes him look the bad guy lol bye

  16. Ash Said:

    Reading through all of these comments is sickening. STILL you “Beliebers” defend him. JB has a countless number of misdemeanors. If you’re going to go to a religious study the least you can do is keep your eyes open. Many people say they fall asleep in church..but the circumstances are different. Y’all were forced to go..JB went voluntarily. Sorry Biebs, but this is definitely one of your lows (ya know besides hanging with woman-beater Chris Brown and failing to comment on a campaign on cutting)

  17. Sophie Said:

    I already fell asleep on church, but when I was 8, if he doesn’t want to go he’s grown enough to say it, so it’s not necessary to disrespect people who actually care about it.

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