WTF Alert: Justin Bieber Being Investigated for Attempted Robbery

Just in case you were wondering, loves, Justin Bieber is still an out-of-control douche. I hear that the LAPD is currently investigating him for attempted robbery after he tried to steal a woman’s phone.

The incident occurred at a mini-golf course in Sherman Oaks, CA, where Justin and his crew got into a scuffle with some bros at the batting cages. Because of course they did. GOD FORBID he can go anywhere without his thug entourage starting a fight. But JB thought that a lady was snapping pic of the melee on her cell, and stalked over to confront her.

justin bieber


The woman claims that when she refused to give Justin her phone, he reached into her purse and grabbed it, prying it from her hand. Because of course he did. Then he became enraged when the phone was locked and he couldn’t access her pictures.

“She says she told Justin she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi,” tattles my spy.  “But Justin screamed, ‘You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here.'”

The 13-year-old then started to cry (I’d weep too being so close to such rampant idiocy) then Justin turned and started screaming at someone else.

"Justin Bieber's Believe" World Premiere


You know darlings, I’ve oft compared Justin to a real-life King Joffrey and if (spoiler alert, sorry) Game of Thrones can nix that character then can’t we somehow rid ourselves of JB IRL? If you have any ideas for how to achieve a Bieber-free America, I’m all ears…XOXO.


  1. Amanda Said:

    I’d rather be Sansa dealing with Joffrey than have this douche be relevant for one more day

  2. reana Said:

    Petition to assassin justin bieber! Who’s with me?

  3. Nicole Said:

    I’m from canada and all I have to say is don’t send him back out way please.

  4. Liz Said:

    Why can’t he just OD on something and stop being such an idiot?

  5. Ishwarya Jay Said:

    Justin Bieber ain’t a robber. Stop accusing him for such a thing. You guys actually believe the shit bitches say! Don’t you have your own brains to think? He definitely didn’t try to grab her phone and basically, that’s the damn truth! You people wanna believe or not, it ain’t my prob. Let him live the life he wanna live. His mom raised him to be kind to others. He get judged, harassed, and he try to take the high road. Sometimes it isn’t easy but he keeps on trying. Just leave him alone!!!

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