Love or Loathe: Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo

New year, new tattoo for Justin Bieber, who is sporting a massive religious inking on his leg. The Biebs couldn’t resist getting yet another Jesus-themed tattoo–the first is the Hebrew word for Jesus on his ribcage–and while this etching of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns certainly is well done it feels a little…well, see for yourselves:

justin bieber jesus tattoo


I swear this was on the church program the one time Daddy dragged me to mass on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure that I’m feeling this old-school religious tat, especially since I wasn’t even aware that JB and JC were so close.

Do you think Justin needs to steer clear of the tattoo parlors for a bit, lest he end up looking like Harry Styles who has a myriad of nonsensical tats? Or do you love every inch of Justin’s skin, no matter what it’s covered with?


  1. sofieb Said:

    Why do they think they are cool when they have tattoos…

  2. emmarb13 Said:

    He’s hot either way! I LOVE HIM!

  3. amber000 Said:

    wow… the biebs has gone crazy for tats, huh? and who is jc?? im a true directioner and also an old belieber… not a big fan or anything special.. dont you all get it we shouldnt be dediating ourselves so much to a person who makes us think he really cares abt us but like all celebs he only cares about his money and his job.. no hate but seriously think abt it!
    – Amber <3

  4. dianaxox93 Said:

    Ugh. I loathe those tattoos. He shouldn’t have gotten those tattoos.

  5. teresakur101 Said:

    If you think about it.. Tattoos, not a very religious move. C’mon JB! You want to impress Selena, give her a nice present, don’t get a Jesus tattoo.

    xoxo Teresakur

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