Worn Out: Justin Bieber’s “Swaggy” Poses

I’ll admit that Justin Bieber does have charm, sex appeal and that je ne sais swag in spades, darlings. But these lame poses he keeps pulling on the red carpet have got to go. I understand that it can be hard for a guy to stand there awkwardly and grin–they can’t exactly strut and pose the way we ladies can–but there has to be something better than…whatever this is supposed to be:

justin bieber


This might be the least sexy pose a man can pull. Between the 2003-esque trucker hat and the owl tattoo (cute at Anthropologie on a mug, not so much at your arm…) I am disappointed in just about everything going on in Justin’s latest picture from the Jingle Ball in Miami.

Which young hot dude has the best red carpet presence? Or does JB’s swag stance make you want to chill by the fireplace and eat fondue?


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