Spotted: Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner at Dinner in NYC

It seems that wherever Justin Bieber goes, drama follows. And on Monday night, he brought it all the way to my city. Sources are saying that JB was spotted grabbing dinner with Kendall Jenner at Nobu 57 in NYC. What’s so dramatic about that? Oh, I don’t know… the fact that she and her sister Kylie were basically the reasons Selena Gomez and him broke up again (or so I’ve heard…)

justin bieber and kendall jenner


While the rumors stated Kylie was the one sending him racy texts, it wouldn’t make sense for him to be dating her–after all, she’s only 16 and he’s not James Franco. But could he be going after Kendall? The two were accompanied by third wheel Hailey Baldwin (Alec’s niece) during their casual sushi dinner. Date or no date, it was a gutsy move for Jussy to be seen with Jenner so soon after all that Instagram drama, don’t you agree loves? Or, do you think this is a sign that he and Sel are broken up for good this time? (Crossing my fingers the answer is yes!)

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  1. Paul Said:

    He’s childish and also irrelevant

  2. Chrissy Inconnecticut Said:

    who hasnt she f*****??

  3. Nate Said:

    Spotted, but no pics? The Jenner’s have been friends with JB and his family for a long time. Just friends.

  4. Nate Said:

    @Chrissy please tell us who she has f***? Also slut shamming is wrong and as a woman you should know better.

  5. Isabelle Said:

    It’s work. They were both modelling in NYC.

    And if Bieber’s so irrelevant Paul Said, why you wasting a moment of your life commenting?

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