Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus Voted The Most Annoying Celebrities

In what may be the most accurate poll of all time, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus topped the list of most irritating celebrities, and I can’t say I disagree, darlings. Ask.com surveyed Brits to find that MC and JB ruffled the most feathers thanks to their twerking, tantrums, and mutually horrible hair. Justin actually beat Miley with 36% of the votes, but only by 1%.

miley cyrus justin bieber


Here’s the complete list:

1.    Justin Bieber

2.    Miley Cyrus

3.    Russell Brand

4.    Helen Flanagan

5.    Kim Kardashian

6.    Lady Gaga

7.    Piers Morgan

8.    Katie Hopkins

9.    Harry Styles

10. Luis Suárez

One and two are obvious choices, but I’ve no clue who numbers 4, 8 and 10 are. I assume since this was an English survey, those celebs are either soccer players or large-chested reality stars.

I’m glad to see that Gaga and Kim made the list, Gaga for her outfits and Kim for her, well, everything. But did Harry deserve it too? All he is guilty of is hopping into his Frette sheets with every female he sees and given his adorable face and undeniable charm, can we really fault him for that, darlings?

Harry Styles


And tell me if you agree with Justin and Miley topping the list. In your oh so humble opinion, what were their most annoying antics of the year…and how do you hope they’ll change in 2014?


  1. olivia Said:

    why is harry styles on the list and TAYLOR swift not!1!!!????

  2. S Said:

    Yeah I really don’t understand how Taylor Swift is not on this list, And I really don’t see the reason as to why Harry Styles is? He has literally done nothing at all, except come out with new music along side his band.

  3. Indiya Said:

    I swear all things British are amazing but Harry did kinda deserve it i mean come on having it with random woman thats pretty sluttty but oh well.
    P.S. can i please become one of yur spies lol
    xoxo love Indiya B.

  4. CYN Said:

    Leave Harry alone …. I’m not a 1D fan at all but can I blame
    Him for taking advantage of the fact girls wanna sleep with him ? Not his fault at least he isn’t going to rehab :-) now I personally would have love to see Taylor swift on here .how she isn’t is a surprise to me
    Or Amanda Bynes for that matter

  5. mary augustine Said:

    I think that Miley Cyrus would be much more annoying then Justin Bieber

  6. Jorge Said:

    Harry Styles is amazing… and i would agree with the top two but i still love Justin and Miley!

  7. Emily Said:

    I personally don’t think Gaga is annoying, just does her own thing. I mean if this was an American survey Taylor Swift would DEFF be on this list I’m surprised she isn’t.

  8. Julia Said:

    Why Lorde is not here? And why Lady Gaga it’s not the #1? Hahahah

  9. Just C Said:

    I know who Luis Suarez is. He’s an Uruguayan football (soccer) player who plays on Liverpool… and yeah he’s pretty damn annoying.

  10. Alexandra Said:

    Justin is given unwanted attention for false press. Half the stories are made up because people simply want a reason to dislike him as ‘looks like a girl’ or ‘sings like a chipmunk’ are no longer options. Also.. Miley pretty much deserves it, as much as I love her- she’s pretty much a genius because this is what she wanted. Good or bad, she wanted attention. AND pleaseeee here in the UK we have enough of Harry Styles. *rolls eyes*

  11. Sophie Said:

    Glad to see bieber and kim on the list. Surprised that kanye west isn’t on the list or paris hilton. Harry is so obnoxious and so are 80% of his obsessive stalkerish fans. Don’t see how Miles is on the list though, she’s an overall sweet person but is just becoming more of a partier and having fun. Don’t see why that’s annoying considering she’s not superficial, stuck up, and full of herself like the rest of these.

  12. Nabela Said:

    What the heck is Harry doing on that list? Harry does not sleep either every female. He’s such a sweet heart, he’s no where near annoying. If anyone should be on that list it should be Taylor Swift, just saying. Harry is perfect and does not deserve to be on this list. He’s not annoying!

  13. gaby Said:

    How the hell is the Taylor Swift not number one on this list.

  14. mercy Said:

    i just dont get it,why is kanye not on the list?

  15. Nicole Said:

    Helen Flanagan is an ex soap star, who was in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here she turned wag and does have a fake chest, so yeah fake chested reality star. Katie Hopkins was on The Apprentice, had sex with a married man in a field(now her husband), she appears on TV shows and manages to insult 85% of viewers every time. She said she would not let her children play with kids with certain names such as Tyler or geographical names (Her own child’s name is India!). She looks like a horse also.

  16. J Said:

    The list is a perfect reflection of reality.

  17. chanceleigh Said:

    die harry styles !

  18. Irena Said:

    this is stupid.. Why did Harry got on the list.. Thats just stupid.. He didnt deserve it.. He is the most adorable and good and kind and nice person in the world.. He didnt deserve this list, just because stupid paps are saying stuff about him, but that doesnt mean they are true.. They dont know him…

  19. Ellie Said:

    Kanye west shouldve been on the list… DefINATELY not lady gaga

  20. Kelley Said:

    I don’t understand why Russell Brand is on the list his a genius ! Other then that it’s pretty accurate except Kanye west should be on there !

  21. Hannah Said:

    Love that Helen Flannigan is on the list. This is clearly a British Survey. Also Katie Hopkins is the one who talked about children’s names. She won’t name her child after a location… But her child is called India.

  22. Jeffrey Said:

    On my list JB and MC would change place with Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga, btw where’s Kelly Osbourne and Lea Michelle. Kelly Osbourne would be there because she’s ugly and annoying and Lea Michelle just of being ugly. And where the hell is Paris Jackson?

  23. Annemette Said:

    How can justin be on the list when he hads donate almost all the money from he’s tour and he have build a school an I did a free consent In the Philipinerne an he walked around and talk to the kids and maked there day.

  24. Nic Said:

    Gaga’s not annoying to me. She puts out good music a lot of the time & she’s not everywhere and in your face the way Miley, Kim or Justin are. That’s what makes them so annoying because 1) They’re getting recognition for stupid stuff & 2) They’re EVERYWHERE. Jennifer Lawrence is becoming borderline annoying for me. I like her but I’m SO sick of seeing her everywhere. But that’s not her fault…
    Actually, it’s not any of their faults. The reason they’re everywhere is because they sell magazines

  25. Bridget Said:

    Lena Dunham. She is jus too annoying.

  26. Allison Said:

    Why would Taylor Swift be on this list..? Because she has some kind of morals? Since when are morals annoying? She’s more “in-line” then Justin or Miley and ANyone else on this list for that matter! Sorry, but Brits know what annoying is and apparently they know that having values isn’t annoying!

  27. anongalxoxo Said:

    leave Miley alone I love her . She has courage , she was brave enough to swing naked from a wrecking ball. As for Russell Brand I love him he is a comedic genius and a total hot piece , The only people on that list I agree should be there are Justin and Kim xoxo

  28. G Said:

    I agree that Justin should be no.1 he is just annoying! and also with Katie Hopkins she is so dumb!

  29. DH Said:

    The hell is Kayne West??! He should be on that list every year! He always saying something stupid!!

  30. Jthornton Said:

    You guys left out Kanye West.

  31. gremz Said:

    And where the hell is kanye west? Im xpecting him to top this survey..

  32. hanah Said:

    u know what, uk? the most obnoxious story of the year was about prince harry and kate middleton’s baby being born. and then they named him George LOL

  33. K. Said:

    Noone is annoying! Only you haters.

  34. Bob Said:

    What did justin do that is so horrible

  35. Pink Said:

    How the hell did Nikki Minaj not make this list?

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