Drool or Not: Justin Bieber

In the midst of all of Justin Bieber‘s chaos, it looks like he’s still had time to work out. The (former) tiny terror posted this collage of himself shirtless, lifting weights, and doing crunches so that his loyal fans (what, all 10 of them now?) could see the huge transformation he’s been making on himself.

justin bieber muscles


Dearest Jussy, I’m not quite sure this is the change your fans were looking for (although some of them probably don’t mind pondering while staring…)

Tell me Upper East Siders, does Justin’s total body transformation make you forget about the bad things he’s done in the past or is it just a reminder that he’s not the same wee one who genuinely worried about you being one less lonely girl?

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  1. Rose Said:

    Nope, he’s still an asshole. You know that saying about how a girl can be super pretty/hot but have an ugly personality (often a quote repeated by ugly girls to make themselves feel better about their lack of physical appeal)? Well it can also apply to guys, especially Justin.

    Granted I don’t think the little shit is attractive, period…

  2. Ana Said:


  3. Genessa Said:

    He’s not bad looking, but he’s still got a bad attitude.

  4. Nancy Said:

    I used to be a belieber, but i realized that he is just a little kid, that has no idea how much he is destroing everything he made with cope…

  5. hope Said:

    cool tatoos
    but i still hate him

  6. Sydney Said:

    loving the awesome tattoos but never liked him or he’s music in the first place

  7. Megs Said:

    Used to be a crazy belieber.. Card board cut outs, shrine, the works. But now it’s difficult to even look at him without feeling disgust. His prime started and ended with the younger girls and as much as he wants to reach an older audience it’s just not going to happen.

  8. Sokina Said:

    So what, he’s a male Miley Cyrus now?

  9. Tabatha Said:

    Gag, he’s still gross, and his tattoos suck.. Probably trying to buff up so he can possibly fight his own battles… HA.

  10. mothersmilk Said:

    what a cocksucker

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