Justin Bieber’s Guide to Breakups

Perhaps Justin Bieber has been taking notes from Taylor Swift about how to handle a breakup. The recently single singer confirmed that his latest acoustic song “Nothing Like Us” is definitely about his ex Selena Gomez.

Some stand-out lyrics from the song:

  • “Have you been drinking to take all the pain away?” Umm, is he trying to out her for having a drinking problem or something? How romantic, Justin….
  • “I gave you everything baby, everything I had to give. Girl why would you push me away?” Probably because she had enough of your neediness.
Whose side are you on in the whole Justin/Selena breakup? Do you think she will hear this song and run back into his little arms or is she off to bigger and better things?


  1. GossipCat Said:

    I wouldn’t say bigger and better things, just different things… Even though you sound like you’re against Justin Bieber, I like your comments on the outtakes of his new song :D

  2. ggada Said:


  3. sveni97 Said:

    I think this song is one of the most cutest and saddest song I’ve ever heard. When I was Selena I would give him another chance.. otherwise it would be kind of mean and heartless.. even if I like Selena..

  4. jessagurl980 Said:

    omfg justin beiber does not deserve her!

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