Justin Bieber on Selena Gomez: “I Love Her Till This Day”


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Justin Bieber was feeling a little high sentimental during his recent interview with LA hip-hop radio station Power 106. The most annoying celeb (and no, I’m not editorializing on that one…) opened up about his new song “All That Matters,” saying it was written while he was dating Selena Gomez and she was “all that mattered in my life.”

“[The break up] affected us, especially when we are in front of so many people,” he said. “It’s such a public thing. It’s just hard for the both of us. But you know, she’s a great woman. I love her till this day.”

But will the two ever get back together? I’m shaking my crystal ball on this one and forecasting NO. It seems as though Sel doesn’t want anything to do with Jussy right now, even though he predicts they’ll “be the greatest of friends.”

“Right now we’re taking a little time and not talking,” he confessed. Somehow I’m pretty sure that’s not by his choice…

Do you think these two were a perfect fit, or are you happy Selena can finally move on to someone who is on the same classy level as she is? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO


  1. Irena Said:

    I want them back together! They’re so perfect <3

  2. Y Said:

    Happy for Sel for moving on! She deserves way better :)

  3. Amanda Said:

    I thought Selena and Justin were a weird coupling anyway. But I think Justin needs to grow up a little. He is still very young and super famous right now. I almost feel as if he needs to learn how to stay grounded, because it seems his feet have left the ground lately, before he can commit to a serious REAL relationship. I am a huge fan of Selena and I do like Justin’s music, but I just dont think they are that great together!

  4. lotte Said:

    can you fucking stop judging him, he can do whatever he wants, why do you always say bad stuff about him thats kind of really mean.

  5. April Said:

    I want them back together.

  6. Lucie Said:

    I’ve always thought “what the hell is doing Selena with a guy like him?” and finally a miracle happenned and they split up. I think that Selena can definately date with someone much much better than Justin, I mean after all the things he has done during his tours he has shown that he still is a kid, not acting like a responsible man.

  7. Harmony Said:

    Your opinion was SOO biased. Take down this site while you’re at it.

  8. kk Said:

    Isnt he gay?

  9. jensen Said:

    They’re alot better as friends or whatever but dating NO F***KING WAY

  10. ray Said:

    Biebs pretty good at confusing sel, he should just let her go

  11. nc Said:

    I don’t understand. I seldom comment here.
    but doesn’t love is finding someone who can make a better you, but now finding a better one?
    I think she can make a better him… and I think she s happy with him too.
    why so biased?

  12. Stephanie Said:

    I used to think they were cute together. Now Bieber’s just trash.

  13. Jenna Said:

    God I am so sick of Bieber being all over. Selena is too mature and classy to be dating some douche like Justin who thinks he’s the greatest thing ever to come to pop. I feel like here, he’s just trying to play it off like a wounded puppy, when really he’s an idiot who really doesn’t care as much as he acts like.

  14. Jess Said:

    Honestly they were so perfect together,. Why so negative towards Justin, get a life . He is amazing and has done so much for everyone. Grow up, stop hating.

  15. Madi Said:

    They were so good together! Justin Treated her like a princess! He made some mistakes but everyone does.

  16. Shann Said:

    happy she moved on..she deserves wayyy better!!

  17. Victoria Said:

    I am so happy for Selena. She deserves someone so much better than him.

  18. barbara Said:

    justin bieber and selena gomez deffinitley belong together <3

  19. sandy Said:

    At first I thought she should b with someone much more classy and grown, but I came to think that she just looks the part but she isnt very smart or grown up herself. i think she has no talent for singing and her music is meaningless and soulless.i think she got to where she is by being ridiculously beautiful thats all. so I think she should b back with Justin, they are kind of right for each other.

  20. Meral Said:

    I really can’t handle the whole “selena drama” ‘couse she seems so good without him. He’s becoming ridiculous with all that confession stuff, but I can really understand that..at his age..xoxo

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