Does Justin Bieber Have The Worst Parents Ever?

When you’re young, you think that your parents are tres awful when they won’t let you run loose like some marauding hellion, but then you get a teensy bit older and realize that, fine, perhaps they were right to prevent you from, oh I don’t know, drag racing down the streets of Miami in a rented Lambo while high on pills!

Apparently though, Justin Bieber’s parents did not have such rules. Not only has Jussy’s mom and dad not intervened in his dangerous antics, they’re helping him get away with it! I hear that JB told police that it was his mom who provided him with the Xanax that he combined with booze the night of his DUI arrest.

justin bieber mom


But don’t worry, his man-child father is even worse, actually helping him block off the streets so Jussy could screech around in his $100,000 car! Even worse, after Justin was released on bail–and finished crying his eyes out (ha!) as a minion revealed to me–I saw JB and his dad hanging out surrounded by cocktails!

Justin Bieber and his dad Jeremy Bieber are seen


Although to be fair, boozing with daddy dearest does sound like a lot more fun than what his management team wanted him to do: hop on the private jet they’d sent to Miami and fly to a rehab center for immediate treatment.

But why would he when his parents are clearly telling him that nothing is wrong? These two are worse than the Lohans, don’t you think?

Does JB stand a chance of getting his life back on track given his role models? Or is he just doing the same things as every other 19-year-old in America?


  1. Khaila Zamora Said:

    I think its not that bad that his parents arent helping him. Maybe he shouldnt always depend on their help. Sometimes fame goes to peoples head, so right now he’s only being taught a lesson.

  2. Ashley Said:

    What i don’t get is how he didn’t get charged for underage drinking as well. He’s 19 just because he is famous shouldn’t mean he’s above the law.

  3. Queen A Said:

    if i got charged for underage drinking he shoulda redik!

  4. RiRi Said:

    GG, shut the F up!!, you have no right to judge other people’s parenting!you are just following the fucked up rumors like every piece of shit motherfucking media. How can you judge someone’s parenting, look at yours. they raised you to be a liar and a judgemental animal. you lie for a living, sitting infront of a computer and hating on people. you’re probably one of those fat bitches with no life! go fuck youself. don’t think that anyone else will. or just hook up with one those loosers at TMZ.

  5. L Said:

    I love watching all the little “beliebers” freak out because their precious little obsession is actually a huge d bag. He gets put in jail yet they try to say it’s all a lie

  6. Niki Said:

    Don’t forget that Justin is a Canadian, our legal age is 19 or 18 depending on province. He is not going to care what the drinking age is there when hes allowed to drink in his home town. He’s young, who cares.

  7. ashley Said:

    i love how all the fans are saying ‘stay strong!’ HE DID THIS TO HIMSELF! and yet he still posts though? Someone should look harder…

  8. J Said:

    Oh my god Riri, calm down.
    Gossip girl isnt real.. its a gossip site.
    Judging peoples parenting is wrong when it comes to thing that are not your concern eg whether you want to breastfeed or bottle feed, where you send them to school. But these are parents that are allowing dui. This us everybodies concern because driving under the influence KILLS people. There are lives at risk. Grow up. This is a serious issue and if he doesnt learn his lesson now somebody is going to get hurt.

  9. DeeDee Said:

    Calm your tits RiRi!!!! Don’t go readin’ if you are just hatin”…..

  10. QueenB Said:

    He should grow up and face the facts. What he did is wrong and dangerous and now he should have to face the consequences

  11. gosss Said:

    I think J.B is Ugly…and i am happy that his parent arent helping him!!!!….

  12. Latisha Trollington Said:

    All the beliebers can do is say it’s not true. But what can that do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
    Bieber’s parents just want him to get more attention so they can get more money. See, the more he shows up on these kind of gossip forums and sites, the more cash is brought to him, while he is up on his guards.
    So, yes, they are awful parents.

  13. ianamary Said:

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