Justin Bieber’s Pees His Initials Into The Snow

You may find this surprising, but I’m not much of a ski bunny. Of course I go to the mountains–my grandfather has the most heavenly Swiss chalet–but I’m not one to hit the slopes myself. I’m more of the apres ski sort. But not Justin Bieber, my darling dolls. I spied him in Aspen this weekend snowboarding with pals including his childhood friend Ryan Butler, who some say is a good influence on Jussy.

Um, not so much.

Apparently as Jussy and his cavalcade of Escalades were driving through Snowmass, Colorado after their mountain adventure, Justin pulled over and, surrounded by bodyguards, peed his initials into the snow.


I have been all over the worlds to the most exclusive winter resorts, from Gstaad to Killington, and never, not even at some god forsaken mountain in California–it’s so cute when those West Coasters pretend they have decent powder–did I see antics like this.
I won’t post the pics because they’re tres declasse but I’m sure you can imagine what a urine soaked “JB” looks like. 

But Justin’s spree of fun wasn’t over yet. On Monday he jetted to Miami where sources tell me that he dropped an eye-watering $75,000 at the King of Diamonds strip club. In singles. Ugh, Jussy.

Which of these incidents grosses you out the most? The fact that Justin finds his own pee the height of fun…or that strippers run a close second?


  1. Lily Hale Said:

    Justin Bieber is just too gross. His fans still say he’s a “great role model” even though he’s really not. He thinks he’s all that and he can just get away with everything he does.
    And his fans think so too because he compelled them into thinking that with his stupid bull shit. I feel sorry for past beliebers that see this. Can’t deal with this generation anymore.
    If you still think JB is amazing, you have less intellidgence than most people. You like a self-obsessed, ‘swag’ douche.

  2. ana Said:

    So sad some people have that kind of money to spend on one night in a strip club and others are forever in debt for trying to pay for their education.

  3. kel :P Said:

    He paid all that money for a girl seriously !!!!1 I’m free maybe just a photo ;)

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