WTF Alert Video: Justin Bieber Pees in a Mop Bucket at a Club

justin bieberA video taken earlier this year has just surfaced and it’s bound to make even the biggest of Beliebers say “WTF…” During a night out in NYC, Justin Bieber and his little army of terrors were leaving a club through its kitchen when he realized he needed to relieve himself. The petite prince of pop lives by the motto, “When you gotta go, you gotta go.” But instead of having his security team stop the line at the restroom and cut his way into it before he left, the Biebs decided it would be much less douchey and more convenient to instead take care of business in a mop bucket sitting off to the side.

Yes darlings… you read that right: Justin Bieber peed in a mop bucket… in a kitchen… at a nightclub. And it gets better… as he and his entourage were walking out calling themselves the Wild Kidz, JB sprayed a framed picture of Bill Clinton with glass cleaner and shouted, “F*** Bill Clinton!” Classy.

Watch the video below to see everything unfold. And is it just me, or should have JB have gotten to the restroom way sooner — his pants look a little heavy if you know what I mean… XOXO



  1. Kaitlyn Said:

    Ewwww I the gosse I well not do that go to the toilet and pees in there

  2. shamerea Said:

    yhu nasty asx hell i look up to yhu and yhu do sum like this really i lost love n yhu and your music good bye

  3. Jasmin Said:

    Omg. Why am I not surprised ? -.- He’s such an asshole. The janitor will probably get screamed at by his boss and get fired. THANKS JUSTIN. FOR COSTING AN OLD MAN HIS JOB. HOW IS HE GONNA TELL THAT TO HIS WIFE AND KIDS HUH?! GODDAMNIT.

  4. Valentina Said:

    He is ridiculous. I don’t like how he looks! I hate his “music”

  5. Sam Said:

    Wow I actually prefer his old ‘baby’ (pun intended) self than this asshole of a celebrity.

  6. Alice Said:

    it doesn’t look like JB actually. i think the video is fake.

  7. Kalyn Said:

    Alice, you must be a belieber and are trying to cover for him, that’s definitely him. It looks just like him, sounds just like him, and I wouldn’t put it past Justin to do that…

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