First Look: Justin Bieber’s Artsy New Perfume Commercial

If you buy Justin Bieber’s new perfume, The Key, he will somehow figure out a way into your bedroom as you slumber, take you on a magical date (wherein you can eat anything you want) and show you all sorts of stuffed African animals. Don’t ask me how this will happen but it just will.

Justin Bieber

At least, according to the perfume’s new commercial. In this four-minute “short-film” that seems to be modeled off a French art house flick, JB is mercifully silent and lets his soulful eyes (ha) and gold chain swagger (ha HA) do the talking as he charmingly stalks sleeping young women.

But don’t take my word for it, minions. Please–please–watch the advert for yourself. I dare you to get through it without laughing out loud.

LOLOLOLOLOL! Oh Jussy, don’t ever change, darling! You are just too hilarious, trying to suddenly switch from the bratty patronizer of Brazilian whorehouses to a brooding indie actor.

But, I do quite like the fragrance–or at least its packaging and name. It’s nice to see that for once he’s veering away from naming his perfumes after his songs, but I guess “Bad Day” doesn’t make for a very appetizing scent, now does it?

What’s your thought on Justin’s new mini-movie? Do you find it as artsy as the Swag King is ever going to get? Or does this just give you the lame tingles from head to toe?


  1. isla mae Said:

    i just find it quite funny how not so long ago selena did a short film for flaunt

    – no hate

  2. Blablabla Said:

    Wait is it a boy or girl parfum? I dont get it hahaha

  3. Marita Said:

    I actually liked it! I’d never thought…

  4. Angela Said:


  5. jess Said:

    if his career fails like it is, then we know he can always be a

  6. Lulu Said:

    What the hell did I just watch like really? Are you kidding me? Was he trying to be “deep” or something because the only thing I got from watching this is not to put perfume on before bed.

  7. Angela Said:

    I knew it was a dream. A pretty, classy-looking girl like that would never go for a saggy-pants tattooed “swag-believer” like Justin.

    And with a name like Just-in, it’s not hard to guess he’s transsexual. Pun and no pun intended.

  8. Steffi Said:

    Gooooood this is SOOOO bad

  9. Friedl Said:

    İ don’t think that the shortfilm is bad, at least it has a classy edge. What İ do find sad is that the first girl is just ugly and that Justin and the girls not really look like they are having fun.

  10. Kayla Said:

    So this perfume is supposed to be “the key” to his heart, I still don’t understand if it’s a boy or girl perfume so maybe it’s the key to every girl a man wants heart? Yeah, I think that’s it. Either way good title.

  11. Alison Said:


  12. A Said:

    What did I just watch…..pooor justin, what will he think of next?

  13. zoe Said:

    Who wears perfume to be anyway?

  14. Paula Said:

    Why do people continue to harrass this young man? Let it go…love him or hate, but leave the nasty comments to yourself.

  15. NIKI101BLING Said:


  16. the poor thing needs his maama Said:

    this young man has amazing talent fo showmanship for the teenebobbers, when he grows up, he will attain judgement for himself we all make mistakes, he needs a wise mentor who isn’t worried about money

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