DO NOT Play Selena Gomez Music at a Justin Bieber Photo Shoot, Got It?

A sneaky spy leaked Justin Bieber‘s photo shoot rider to TMZ, giving us full access to the wants and needs of the petite prince of pop. (Click here to see the full list.) It starts off totally normal, listing things like bottles of water, some tea for his singing voice, and some snacks–because everyone knows being pretty can make one famished.

But then it goes into clothing, which consists of lots of socks and under shirts (does the Biebs have a sweating problem or something? Also, can we talk about the size differences? XS for Justin and L for his bodyguards, maybe?)

And then–my favorite part, hands down–we go into music preferences: “No Selena [Gomez] Music on set.” I mean, it makes total sense since after all, she’s his ex and he probably wouldn’t be in a “say cheese” kind of mood if “Come and Get It” is playing in the background. But I just love that they put it in writing.

If you had a rider, what would be on it? Tell all in a comment below!

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  1. Annaliese Said:

    No Justin bieber music!

  2. Gabriela Ayala Said:

    Haha that’s embarrassing :P

  3. Nicole Said:

    Actually, Selena’s not Justin’s EX as they are back together. Thought maybe GG wouldn’t make such mistakes :\

  4. Meli Said:

    Did anyone notice that it says it was posted july 7 ???

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