Justin Bieber Posts–Then Deletes–Picture With Selena Gomez

Yes darlings this again. Can someone please just delete Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s social media accounts (and perhaps launch them into space, just for good measure) until they decide if they hate or loathe each other? Otherwise the below events shall keep happening.

Apparently, JB posted a pic on his Instagram of Selena nuzzling his neck, captioning it “Our love is unconditional.” Gag.


Clearly Justin isn’t in possession of a dictionary otherwise he’d know that the concept of unconditional love doesn’t include sleeping with your GF’s friends, cavorting with hookers and (if those reports are to be believed) calling her “talentless p*ssy” via text. Somehow I don’t think that’s the type of endless amore Shakespeare was talking about.

But JB must’ve immediately regretted hitting “post” because the pic vanished just as quickly as it had appeared.

So, le sigh, tell me what you make of this? Are you starting to lose respect for Miss I’m Taking Back My Power? Or do you understand that first love isn’t easy to overcome…even if it does come in leather pants and thin creepy mustache?

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  1. Jennifer Said:

    as long as it means they stays in the States and he’s not coming back to Canada, then we are grateful!

  2. Jewels Said:

    Justin and Lohan should hitch a crazy plane to London together.

  3. ike Said:

    What is wrong with Selena? Bieber is an idiot. She can do a lot better than him.

  4. Eva Said:

    Gossip Girl, he did not call her a “talentless pussy.” The story was denounced by TMZ who were approached by the same seller.

    Radar Online ran it anyway despite denials by both reps because that’s who Radar are. Please don’t do that repellent outlet’s work for them.

    As for what goes on between Bieber & Gomez. Maybe these two have a connection that no-one knows about and despite being ridiculed by people who really should just focus on their own lives, we should wish them well?

  5. Eva Said:

    The texts & pics in that Radar Online story were denounced as fake and false by TMZ before it even went to press, and it was slammed as fake by Bieber and Gomez’s reps.

    Why give that nasty story, which was designed to hurt, the legs it doesn’t deserve?

    I understand there’s a Bieber pile-on underway. I get that. But if it’s going to stoop to publishing false stories and fake quotes, then who really owns the moral high ground?

    Be pithy to your heart’s content GG, but why be cruel?

  6. Eva Said:

    p.s And btw, I love this site. But keep it real.

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