Inside Justin & Selena’s Bitter Breakup

Don’t believe Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez if they try to tell you that their breakup was “mutual” and “friendly.” I hear that their split was precisely the opposite. Apparently Selena was so sick of JB’s unexplained absences, creepy late-night texts from random girls and general roving eye, she got into a screaming match with him on Halloween and broke things off. But, another source whispers that since these two are young and emotional, they could be back on before you can say “Die in your arms.”

As much as I love sweet little Sel, I think the Biebs needs to sew his wild oats now and not be tied down. He made $50 million last year…that will buy you a lot of adoration–why waste it with just one girl?

Do you Belieb these two will eventually reconcile? Or have Jelena sung their swan song?

selena gomez and justin bieber

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  1. SushiSaggi Said:

    They’ll be back together soon enough

  2. ggada Said:

    I hope this was the last break up and that they wont get back together,like ever..shes to good for him♥

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