Spotted: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Sharing a Dance Together

Dear Selena Gomez, watch out–just when you think you’re dancing off into the sunset with your reunited flame, a lightning bolt might strike you down….

Just one day after Justin Bieber broke the record for brattiest human being ever (I really thought my prep school nemesis would have held onto that title forever), he posted this video of him and Sel practicing a sexy choreographed dance to John Legend’s “Ordinary People,” which just so happens to be a song about a couple on the rocks who still love each other.

Justin e Selena – Dança dos famosos by alcantara-diogo
Le sigh…… Selena, Selena. What are you doing with your life? There’s no saving Bieber, but you still have hope.

Tell me minions, what do you think about the rumors that these two are getting back together? Will it bring clear skies back in both of their lives or are things headed for an even darker storm than before? Give your predictions in a comment below. XOXO


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  1. L Said:

    Oh man… Selena, please run as fast as you can, dear.

  2. Nadizz Said:

    How about she’s just as shitty as he is…. Remember what they say about the company you keep, who lies in ur bed all that blah blah hits true so sorry not sorry she’s gotta go with this crap

  3. wendyr Said:

    He’s such a little poon.

  4. SaraB. Said:

    Well I’m a belieber so if justin is happy I’m happy.And I love Jelena,she is cute and makes juju happy,they are soooooooo cute together ^_^

  5. Demi Said:

    Selena needs to stay away from him! He’s only trouble.

  6. Jeffrey aka the real lonelyboy Said:

    I suppose it was just because it was already planned before the break-up and they don’t want to cancel it for John Legend.

  7. Is Said:

    The dance would be way better if Justin weren’t such a skeez. Or you know, it was someone other than Justin.

  8. ellez Said:

    Justin needs to pull up his pants. I mean why would Selena want to dance like that with someone who is such a skeez?

  9. R Said:

    Some women like to hold their man down even through the worst.. but goodluck selena you will need it

  10. L Said:

    SG save yourself while you can from the monster we call Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!

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