Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Ignite Relationship Rumors With New Photo

Make. It. Go. Away!

Just as I was delighting in the news of a Brangelina wedding and pressing my sources for details about her dress, I noticed Justin Bieber posted THIS to Instagram:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez


Insert mega eye roll.

I don’t know about you, but photographic evidence that these two may have flipped the relationship switch from off to on makes me want to scream–even louder than when I spot fake Vuitton on the street.

My spies tell me that Justin and his ex/not ex took a private plane out of L.A. to his Canadian motherland, where this wanna-be artsy black-and-white image was snapped.

Is this the Biebs’ way of saying he’s won back Selena’s once shattered heart? That they’ve moved past all the drama and now enjoy a mature and healthy relationship?


At this point, Sel, if you want him, keep him!

Tell me, Upper East Siders, what’s your reaction to this latest round on the Jelena merry-go-round?


  1. Lynn Said:

    Selena is looking at the diamond on Justin’s hat, and hiding her left ring finger in her hair. Maybe they are thinking about marriage as well lol

  2. Marie Said:

    that’s the lamest comment ever

  3. t Said:

    There was once a time when I thought these two were the cutest couple ever…where did it go wrong, I can’t remember how they made the jump to a cringe worthy couple

  4. Gossip Girl Said:

    Their together.

  5. Gossip Girl Said:

    They are together.

  6. Vanesa Said:

    Oh no… not again! -_-

  7. Tuana Said:

    I don’ like Jelena but I like Selena and I love Justin and his happiness is all that matters

  8. Serena Said:

    Wow… good job justin.

  9. jasmine kibbe Said:

    omg i love you gossip girl i also cant believe selena is back with justin bieber!!!!

  10. Alice Said:

    Selena… LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOO!

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