Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Fighting Over…Orlando Bloom?

Spotted: Selena Gomez turning on the charm with Orlando Bloom backstage after her teary talk at We Day last week, where he was also on hand giving a speech, and my spies say that Sel was definitely smitten. She even posted a pic of she and Orli…doesn’t she look just delighted, darlings?

I can’t say I blame her–Orlando is by far one of my fave celeb crushes, how could Sel help but blush a little?

But sources tell Hollywood Life that Justin Bieber was absolutely furious over the photo, for a few different reasons. For one, he knows it bugs Sel when he hangs out with Miley Cyrus, so he wanted her to feel the same way. Plus, she’s also posing with ultra Bieber-hater Seth Rogen, who recently has this to say about Jussy:

”He seems like he’s obnoxious and ungrateful and insincere, and he puts people’s lives in danger with his horrible, horrible behavior,” Seth said. “Overall he acts like a piece of s**t.”

seth rogen


Le ouch! If my on/off BF posted a pic with my arch nemesis, I wouldn’t be thrilled either. But, adds the insider, this is just another skirmish in JB and SG’s ongoing war.

“Their drama always starts because they don’t trust each other. It’s not only Selena that gets jealous — Justin is just as bad — he’s the one that started the latest fight,” tattles the spy. “He accused Selena of flirting with Orlando Bloom.”

Apparently, her flirt-fest with Orli was out of spite–Selena has been trying to get Justin to move in with her….

justin bieber


“The real reason Selena bought that $3 million mansion in Calabasas is because she wants Justin to move in with her,” said the spy. “She is trying to persuade him to move back to the LA area and leave Atlanta all together.”

Ugh, these two! I understand that first love can be dramatic and passionate, but Jussy and Sel are simply taking things to a whole new level of dysfunction. Do you think one of them needs to cut ties and move on? Or are they destined to be with one another in the end?

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  1. Pooky Said:

    I ship Sel & Jus. I hope he does move in with her.

  2. sammylove Said:

    To be honest they needa cut the ties and move on -.

  3. Brandon Said:

    Selena needs to cut that piece of trash out of her life, the Bieber-scum has already cost her a few valuable friendships and to be completely honest I wouldn’t be at all shocked if Bieber is hitting Selena. He seems like that kind of a scumbag

  4. kem24 Said:

    they r jus another rihanna and chris brown disaster in the making.

  5. George Hawkins Said:

    I think both of them should leave. Each other alone and the 2of them move on life is a lot sweeter for both of them to better them. Selfes on there own

  6. cpm Said:

    I do not ship them at all they need to split because Selena keep causing problems

  7. cpm Said:

    I think this won’t end well. I probably will get hated on a lot but this is what I think maybe I speak for others as well but for what I see is Selena causing a lot of problems Yeah Justin had his mistakes but the way Selena puts it, it actually sounds a lot worse what she needs to see is she older she want a guy who can take care of her and be there when she says she needs him but she asks way too much Justin is becoming an adult she’s

  8. cpm Said:

    Is an adult all I’m saying is she wants a man older but is trying to make Justin older than he is and he was doing just fine way before she came in and ruined his fame with all this stupid nonsense shes causing therefore they need to move on and Justin just going to have to realize he wasting his time on her and do this on his own she is obviosly causing more problems to get more attention and keep plating with his heart -.- but if he’s happy I am just wish he will realize about selena

  9. alyssa judge Said:

    I think justin and Selena should breakup

  10. Ann Said:

    well they should stay together because i don’t want them to ruin another celeb’s life..i hate both of them… please sel dont touch my Orlando <3

  11. No hate pls Said:

    Justin is turning into an immature kid. He is supposed to act like an adult and a role model. But no. He is getting all those weird tattoos and almost got put to jail. It all happened after they broke up. Justin’s mom even said that selena is good influence for justin. They should get back together cause selena makes justin a better person.

  12. mags Said:

    Well for me justin is way too far about hitting or punching selena bcoz justin loves selena so bad and he’ll never do that to her. Selena is justin’s princess. They’re made just for each other. They’re born to die in the end. I believe in that. They truly madly inlove with each other they just don’t admit that thing. I’m loving this kind of thrill in their love life ♡

  13. Jeffrey Said:

    When is this horrible soap going to end? JB doesn’t want SG, but still he doesn’t want her to get another BF before he gets a GF and probably the same for her.

  14. Sarah Said:

    Wow, this is a hard one. Look the facts of this problem going on with them is that they aren’t even dating but yet they keep on getting mad at each other if one of them flirts, or is with another person. If they want to be friends, then they need to suck it up & not get jealous if one of then is with someone else. But if they really like each other & don’t want to move on to other people, then they need to just date & see what happens. Instead of watching over of what the other person is doing!!

  15. Diana Said:

    Oh, my God! I love Orlando and he to me is an example of a perfect man, but Selena is not a good idea! I think Miranda Kerr is best!! xo xo xo Diana <3

  16. Lilianna Said:

    Justin is the attention whore here. He does constant attempts to boost up publicity, and I’m getting tired of it. Selena is too, I bet. But they need to stop this! Seriously! Can’t we all just get along? That’s what my grandpa says! I hope they’ll chill their millions soon for Pete’s sake because the arguing on Twitter and Instagram is getting annoying and some immature.

  17. Justin luver tho Said:

    Ok so I luv Justin and all but he is turning into an immature person. He has a lot of people that look up to him and it sucks that he is acting younger than what he really is. You just turned 20 and you have already went to jail. I mean come on if u want some speed in your life go rent out a racetrack or somethin. But clearly they need to break up because selena needs a person who wants to settle down like she wants. Justin is too young and dumb!

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